Invasions = Inglourious Basterds vs. Django Unchained starring Clint Eastwood in Twin Peaks - The Soundtrack

I'm not quite sure how they did it, but Toronto's Invasions managed to combine stoner jams with garage-infused surf rock annnnnd gritty, horn-filled country western blues... which, in theory should probably have turned out similar to what milk + orange juice + pop thrown together in a blender would taste like. Instead, this concoction of theirs sounds like something Quentin Tarantino would chase down and lap up like this 'ho' does to Pootie Tang and whatever that white stuff in the bowl is...

Needless to say I'd probably do the same.
This new self-titled album (out October 25th) fuses all these ingredients which, though familiar on their own, mix into a sound so strangely unique that if Tarantino were to direct a new Twin Peaks series or movie this would be undoubtedly serve as the soundtrack.
I'm hooked on this swampy surf-western water.
If it were physically consumable then I'd have a serious drinking problem.
After my 3rd time listening to the full thing in a row I'm starting to wonder if there's some sort of black magic voodoo hidden between the lyrics, sucking me in?
Well played guys. And even well'er cursed.

Listen to a full stream of the album over at Exclaim!

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