Remember the first intentionally funny episode the X-Files ever did, "Humbug" (Season 2)?
That one with sideshow freaks, an underdeveloped fetus and a Fiji Mermaid...?
Despite the comical undertone it still managed to maintain the creepiness of the X-Files, and it was actually pretty entertaining.
For some reason when I listen to the latest of the Ketamines' 7" series, So Hot!, I am reminded of this episode and can't help but picture all these characters doing a super awkward but hilarious dance to the song.. a slow and choppy shuffle or something robotic. Maybe even with lasers.
Scratch that.
DEFINITELY with lasers!

Please don't ask me why, chances are you do not want to know my thought process, like, ever, unless you really enjoy feeling like you've dropped acid at a disco full of dancing boners (dicksco) with a pair of shiny balls hanging from the ceiling... wait, what?
Um, oh yeah, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the macabre ambiance of the three songs, despite there being upbeat tones throughout. One second you're like 'wow, I feel like I'm Mario flying through those fun, and totally safe, clouds' and then the chorus takes over and things get a bit yell'y and it's like you've fallen from the clouds to the pits of hell and all of a sudden have to fight off the podoboos. But don't worry, Mario succeeds and the 7" ends on a happy note with "Summer Mothers".
But wait, weren't we talking about X-Files?

Whatever the comparison, these three songs are the (Scully's) tits (hot). Here's the first one for ya, the rest will be available later this month!

Until then, check out this compilation I put together featuring the title track off the Ketamines last release... it's available for free download!

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