Neon Windbreaker - 'New Sky' EP is like popping a penis cherry!

This new EP from Neon Windbreaker sounds like (what I'd assume) the first time a dude has sex feels like: heaven wrapping itself around the penis like Pogo batter to a wiener -  but to my ears. It's frantic, messy (in a great way), and over way too soon. And after it's all did and done you just lay there, panting, blissfully happy and then ready to go again seconds later.
It's 5 tracks long and only 7 minutes long. That's 5 humps to 7 inches in 'first time' size.

New Sky is out on October 29th.

Here's a stream I found for the title track here:

The first song off the EP, "Jamesbud" is actually featured on the MusicSheBlogged Compilation which you can download for free HERE

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