The Rolling Stones - Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live

I fucking love The Rolling Stones. Particularly Mick Jagger,
THIS Mick Jagger

(I live my life like Marty McFly in the first Back To The Future - stuck in the past)
I'm totally reading Keith Richard's autobiography Life right at this very now, and I can still remember seeing them at SARSstock way back in 2003 vividly.. and I don't usually remember what happened 10 minutes ago *not an exaggeration* .
That said, I was pretty fockin' stoked brah to get to see a sneak preview of Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live (out Nov. 11th).
First and foremost the footage that makes up this DVD is absolutely incredible.
Hyde Park is fucking beautiful and the cameras are everywhere - in the crowd up close and personal with the fans, spanning from the back of the stage all around the MASSIVE (and almost too well-behaved) audience - it's actually pretty breathtaking to watch.
And it's no secret those old farts can still work the fucking kazillion foot long (mmm footlong) stage at like, what, 70 years old? How such wrinkly, arthritis-riddled hands can hammer out each song with such ease and precision just astounds me (just kidding guys, I'm sure your hands aren't that ugly!)(not that they will ever read this ... if they did I'd be sick to my stomach ... sick in a holy-fucking-shit-I-could-die-right-now-and-be-happy-but-I-don't-actually-want-to-die-so-I'll-just-throw-up-instead-and-still-be-so-fucking-happy-I-could-die... sort of way)
Where was I?
Oh yeah, technically the performance was excellent, even sexcellent (sexcellent at 70, rolls off your tongue doesn't it)(made you check).. Mick Taylor even shows up to play some songs and kills it.. but what I started out expecting to shit my pants over actually turned out to be kind of disappointing to me in the end.
I mean, if you're looking for all the hits, a beautiful setting, and a solid but G-rated 'Stones performance video then you are going to LOVE it.
And I know that sounds weird of me to say because you're probably thinking 'who doesn't want that, where the fuck are you going with this poopface' but I would muuuuch rather have watched their '69 performance on YouTube instead.
Which I do. All the fucking time. That concert was just... sex. That's the only way to describe it.
And that one really meant something.
This new one has them reflecting on that last performance and Brian Jones dying and such, but they really don't go into as much detail as they should have with it. It didn't feel very personal or emotional at all. This one seems to mean 'money' much more than it means 'memories'.
Yes, of course it showcases how amazing it is that these dudes are still kickin' it so many years after that epic performance and able to do it all over again when they're so old and shit. But it could have been so much more than just that.
That said, it bored me with how polished and proper it turned out to be.
(I didn't see a single tit, what up with that!?)
Buuuut then again I'm 27, I wasn't alive for like half of their career, so who am I to talk. I'm part of that ADD ridden generation that can't pay attention to anything for too long.
In my opinion though, as a one-off thing it's worth seeing for any Stones fan but it just doesn't have that 'play again' appeal going for it.
I'll just stick with watching the '69 one over and over.

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