The Tragic Thrills, fighting my tragic cold.

I don't usually listen to bands as cutesy/poppy as The Tragic Thrills during the week.
Music like this is saved for my cheese-out and sing-loud Friday mixes at work.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
Today is an exception, apparently.
I got the email with the album download, clicked on it just for shits and more shits expecting to hate it and delete it immediately, and it ended up being exactly what I needed to pick me up this afternoon.
I'd like to call it 'I feel like shit so I don't want to listen to loud punk rock so I'll listen to this instead' music.

It's soothing my sickness with each catchy riff and happy-go-lucky vocals.
Check out "Tears" off their self titled album, out now!

For fans of American Authors, Young Blood, The Mowgli's, Passion Pit, The Naked and Famous, you know, all the big radio stuff lately that I should be emburrassed to admit that I listen to but my cold is clouding my judgement and I'm just vomiting my guilty pleasures all over this page.
So what, so what, so what.

I'm Sarah. I listen to what I want.