BOOKS SHE BLOGGED! Mick Jagger by Billy J. Altman

THIS IS A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. Welcome to the first ever BOOKS SHE BLOGGED!
At least I think it's the first ever... I can't quite remember if I've reviewed a book before this.
Speaking of "can't quite remember"ing, I should probably mention that I'm pretty out of my element right now when it comes to typing up this review.
By that I mean I'm neither high nor drunk...
Shocking, right?
That's not to say I wasn't high or (and) drunk when I read the thing...
because I most definitely was.
But now, typing it up, I'm straight sober.
And that makes it pretty difficult to channel the same mentality I tapped into while I wrote notes for this review.
So not only are my notes messy and hard to read, but they also don't make sense to Sober Sarah.
Nothing ever does though.
Nothing ever does.
It also feels kind of wrong to be writing about The Rolling Stones without being under the influence of something.
However, one of the things this book taught me was that Mick was never really into drugs or excessive drinking, contrary to a lot of media speculation.
Actually I ended up learning quite a bit from this book, which I initially thought was just going to be a picture book.
It's the right size for one, as in much bigger than a normal wordy book, and sure enough photos take up about 70/80% of the content.
(When we're talking about Mick Jagger that's never something to be upset about.)
Considering I am in the middle of reading LIFE about Keith Richards I wasn't sure if this was going to be beneficial to my 'Stones learnage or not.
I half expected just a bunch of Mick facts thrown together without delving deeper into anything based on the amount of the text.
Quite the contrary dear Jaggerlovers!
Surprisingly the author manages to write a short-winded yet adequately detailed summary of not only Mick's life and career in the band, but also of the relationship between members of The Rolling Stones, as well as a history of their chart toppers and other such album sales deetz.
It talks about Brian Jones and his need to be in the spotlight.
It talks about Brian's drug abuse, Keith's drug abuse, and the times they got busted for it.
It outlines all the controversy surrounding the band in the media.
And it gives you some insight into who fucked who, who fucked whose wife, and all those juicy (heh) scandals surrounding the women in their lives.


I found it pretty impressive that they were able to fit all that in with such large, beautiful photos that serve as a wonderful distraction when you need a break from reading.
Not that I usually need a break from reading, I love reading, but when a break signifies looking at rare photos of one of the most gorgeous men to have ever walked this planet then, chyeah, I need a break from reading please.

I do have to address the many typos and grammatical errors. I'm not sure how skilled the editor was considering there's even a mistake in the intro  ...  but come on, look at my site, as if I can judge anybody for not editing their shit properly. That kind of stuff never bothers me, but I feel like it's something that needs to be mentioned when reviewing it.

All in all I found this book especially enthralling 1) because I have the thickest, nastiest bitch boner for a young Jagger (as you've probably gathered already) and 2) because I would give literally anything to be a teenager in the 60's; to grow up watching some of the most revolutionary bands come to life and to actually see them in the flesh playing live without that creepy 50 year age gap to distract me from their legendary performances... and this book was able to bring me slightly closer to that, without any time travel, since the author himself experienced it and was nice enough to share it with the world. Thanks Billy!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.