Born Ruffians is my new boyfriend.

I know Born Ruffians' Birthmarks has been out for a while now but I'm just starting to fall for it thanks to the new video for "Permanent Hesitation".

That song really caught my ear's eye.
And I caught a bit of a crush on it.
So I figured, after about 4 more plays, that I should probably listen to the full album, see if this crush had the potential to become something more, something serious, something real!
Once I heard the first track, "Cold Pop", it was clear Born Ruffians could be 'the one'.
I didn't want to count all my boners before they splooged though so I decided to play it cool and get to know the album front to back before jumping into anything.
Each song was like a new date, and with each one I grew more and more in lust with Birthmarks.
By our the third, "Rage Flows", it was as if the album brought me chocolate milk and beef jerky in place of flowers because it knew what I liked so well... instant heart win.
During our next few dates I was exposed to more of a softer side of the band.
The attraction based lust made way and personality crept into the sexquation.
It wasn't until date #6, "Too Soaked To Break", after we got all that sappy shit out of the way, that I realized I had caught some real feelings.
And 8 dates in, when I heard "Needle", I decided that I didn't want to listen to anybody else for a very long time, and Birthmarks and I became boyfriend/girlfriend.
When "Permanent Hesitation" came on again two dates later... it was love. True, honest love.
And from then on we lived happily ever after for the next three songs.
The end.

I'm Sarah. I date what I want.