Slim Shady, You're On.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't followed Eminem's last couple albums too closely... really didn't have much interest to for whatever reason. They could be fucking awesome for all I know, but nothing ever hooked me.
(I did enjoy the album with D12 though.)
But when I saw the title of this new one and the throwback artwork to everyone's favourite Em album, I obviously haaaad to hear it.
Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, Eminem... whoever the fuck he is, is back (again) and better than he/they've EVER been.
I'm serious.
And shocked.

Shocked that thirteen years after he produced the epicness that is the first Marshall Mathers LP that he not just came close but fucking surpassed that epicness by 'eight miles' (heh).
At least.
This album gives me the exact same reckless liberation I got from the first one when I was 14 years old and barely familiar with life outside of my parents house in a small town.
So much has changed since then, yet somehow my reaction to Eminem's ruthless verbal attacks, witty celebrity zingers and inflated (and now justified) self righteousness is exactly the same as it was over a decade ago. It makes me feel all Free Like A Bird (by John Lennon/Beatles) (or, if you're feeling Trampy, by Supertramp).
His lyrics throughout this album are insanely good... just listen to "Rap God", every word justifies the title...
"They say that I rap like a robot, so call me a rapbot"
.... holyshitswoon.
His samples are spot on.
And he's got a serious hate-on for his father, which replaces his hate-on for Kim and I think we're all pretty happy he's moved on from that.
Good for you, Em.
This really is just a continuation of the best album he's ever done, aside from the song with Rihanna which just sounds like a shitty Rihanna club song featuring Eminem.
But he apparently disses her in "Rap God" to make up for it.

"Even Helen Keller knows life stinks." - "Asshole" by Eminem

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