Like a puppet on a string you hold on tight.

You hold on tight like a puppet on a string...

That was us last night at The Hives concert at the Phoenix.
By 'us' I mean the audience.
We were, quite literally, their puppets.
Everything from our mouths to our legs were controlled by the singer.
No matter how silly the question asked by him, we answered it.
We said 'yes' when he told us to.
Mimicked every word he shouted at us.
We even sat down and jumped back up when ordered.
He was the crazed puppet master, like the one from their backdrop which I never understood until I saw them.
This was my first time.
I popped my puppet's Hive covered cherry.
And the experience easily sits in my top 5 best concerts I've ever seen.
Every song was fantastic.
They played so hard and so precise that it felt like they were even controlling my heart with each beat of the drum, and my breath along with each hook.
As terrified as I am of marionettes/puppets (it's a real phobia okay, fuck off), I enjoyed becoming one myself more than I can comprehend..
And the control he/they all exerted over their fans was completely understood by the band.
They didn't hide the fact that they knew we would do anything their hearts desired us to.
If they had said 'strip naked', I bet there'd be a sea of tits and dicks spanning across the venue within seconds.
Every time the singer asked us a question it was like our voices were stroking his ego-filled cock, fans just'a'jerkin' him off collectively.
Typically cockiness like that turns me off a little bit, but it was quite the opposite in this case.
Honestly I was more and more infatuated each time.
There's a sexiness to his unwavering hold over thousands of people at one time, and that maniacal twinkle in his eye that lets it slip just how much he enjoys the power.
So cockylicious... cocklicious?
So charismatic.
They fully FULLY deserve it.
Their performance was one of the best I have ever witnessed.
The singer was constantly jumping into the crowd, the guitarist closest to me kept lying down on the stage, and at one point I'm pretty sure he just rolled off into the crowd, ended up losing his guitar or something and one of their ninjas had to bring him a new one.
At one point the singer even parted the crowd like he was Jesus parting the Red Sea.
If Jesus was a puppet master..

Check out my pictures from the show HERE!

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