14 of my favourite t'ings from 2014. a list!

Aside from this -

- here are 14 of my favourite music things from this year, completely off the top of my head and loosely in order:

1. THIS COMPILATION. (Sorry but, truth.)
Everything on this is the best of 2014 for me, even if it wasn't actually released this year.. who gives a flying turd.
Snacks?' "Morning Bru" is one of the greatest songs of all time.. PEARS & The Hunters put out a couple of my favourite albums this year.. osoosooso's EP was my spring-to-summer fling yadda yadda yadda every song on here is perfect.

2. Mikey Erg​/​Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Split

3. The Creeps - "Cancer" and the rest of Eulogies... it's the kind of thing wet dreams are made of.

4. Indonesian Junk demo ... so into this. Daniel James!

5. The Raging Nathans - Losing It . 

6. Caffiends/Wolf-Face Split

7. Tinkerbelles - Fine Asses

8. Dune Rats - S/T

9. Born Wrong - Art District

10. The Dirty Nil - Cinnamon/Guided By Vices

11.  White Lung - Deep Fantasy

12. Gnarly Whales - Can't Even Get Depression Right

13. Squarecrow - "Don't You Worry" .. something about this song mannnn. but the whole album is great as well.

14. Stuck Out Here - Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit ... had these songs stuck in my head for a good chunk of 2014.

There are SO many more. SO. MANY. MORE. But I'm SO LAZY. And smoked wayyyyy too much weed this year to remember everything I loved. "It's better to have loved and forgotten than never to have listened at all."

2014: THE END.

Fireflies from Hell..

New favourite band from my new favourite city: Tinkerbelles from Chicago.
Fuck do I ever miss Chicago.
Luckily this garage punk duo from the city I never found to be that windy are doing a great job of bringing Chicago to my earholes.
Definitely one of my favourite discoveries as of late.

I think I'm getting repetitive stress disorder from scratching my butt all day.

I was just thinking about how bands like Greys, The Dirty Nil and Single Mothers have created this sound that screams dirty Southern Ontario punk rock for me right now.
I know there are so many wicked bands in these parts busy defining this'n'that sub-genre of punk, but those guys have a specific sound so recognizable and 'homegrown' they could almost be in a commercial for Foodland screaming "Good things grow in Ontario".

introducing 1971 (the band, not the year)

1971 are the perfect blend of that 70's stoner vibe, 80's punk and 90's rock.
Pop that combo into a blender and you've got yourself the chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie of 2014 punk rock.
Or, you know, whatever your most epic smoothie flavour is. To each their own. But for me this is definitely a chocolate + peanut butter + banana. Mmmmmmm.

Mad Trapper - Kill Us, Start Anew

Mad Trapper are a hostile ass hardcore band who will have you banging your head like one of those fucking dipping birds high on booger sugar with a cup full of monster energy drink and jager.

Straight D'sized titties!

Guys, check out Straight D's!!
No, I don't mean a straight row of size D titties, although that makes for a pretty sweet and perfect simile for the quality of the album in question... -"It's as good as a straight row of size D titties!"

Get ready for the Long Winter with Jesse LeBourdais!

Jesse LeBourdais' voice is like a cozy blanket knit together with folk and punk coloured yarn, wrapping itself around you as you settle in for the Long Winter months.
He reminds me so much of Frank Turner who I will always have a special place for in my heart... a place that he'll now have to share with Jesse, curled together in one beautiful sounding snuggie.

Pet Sun = your brain on drugs.

For me right now it's my brain on cold medication, which still technically falls under the 'drugs' category so whatever, it works.


Did Manson form a hardcore punk band with the Blood Brothers singers, taking influence from the Refused?
Did the Kandarian Demon enlist the ghost of Kurt Cobain to write a dark, grungy soundtrack for the Deadites crew to surf to?


And by that I mean listen to Liver -the band not the organ duhh- alone in your room. Or, like, I don't care, go listen to it when you're out with friends or at work or while you're perched upon the porcelain thrown as your ass cries tears of Jameson and Sriracha.

In Love With A Punk Zine.. or Three.

So my new fav writer - Shelby Monita - sent me a few zines to review and while i was at a cottage this weekend i finally got a chance to sit down and read them, and boy oh boy oh boy am i ever hooked.
every one of them (excuse my laziness for typing right now, deal with the consta-lowercase, k thanks) i found i could really relate to taste & attitude - wise. to be completely stalkerish, i mean honest, i almost feel like this chick is my new best friend... does that sound too desperate? i just think she's cool n stuffs.
n e poo, here's a bit about each zine and why i liked 'em:

And We Danced - Back To The Middle

I'm not going to lie, this new And We Danced album, Back To The Middle, starts off sounding pretty fucking sappy. I wasn't sure if I was going to dig it at all as the intro played through, bleeding into the first real pop rock track with these nasally vocals that I would have creamed my 14 year old pants over but tend to feel a little too old to appreciate these days.

PEARS - fuck the fruit, I'm talking about the band.

Holy shit,
PEARS, as in, a band, the band, called PEARS.
I can't even..
I just can't.
Just, holy shit.
I never ever liked pears, but I am making up for that now by fucking loving PEARS.


Shamebirds is the butt-spankin' new album from West Coast power-pop (more accurately described as power-trash on their FB) favourites NEEDLES//PINS.

The Wytches wyll put a spyll on you!

You better stop the things you're doing and listen to The Wytches.
I ain't lyin', no I ain't lyin'.
Their new album, Annabel Dream Reader (which you can stream here for a limited time), totally has me wrapped around their creepy long-nailed green finger.

The Dirty Nil - Cinnamon / Guided By Vices

Disclaimer: In an attempt to break free of this creative slump I've been in all summer I decided to play a game with this next review, one I like to call "Madlibs, Cut, It, Out!" (said as Joey from Full House). I took this random kids book I still own (as in bought semi-recently because it was uh dolla) called Babe Ruth - Home Run Hero, cut up a bunch of stuff, rearranged it and then played madlibs with the in betweenerz in a (half-hearted) attempt to review the new Dirty Nil EP (because thankfuckfully it's only 2 songs and I don't have all night). It turned out about as dumb as you'd expect coming from me, soo enjoyyy!!


Once upon a time (August 7th, 2014 to be exact) in Toronto, a bunch of 90s punk rock kid's wet dream of a show happened at Echo Beach.
The Offspring showed up to play their entire album, Smash, from front to back with support from some of the biggest names to stem from the genre.. Bad Religion, Pennywise, and The Vandals.

Introducing Edmonton, the band from Florida... ?

Edmonton (the band, not the location) are keeping relatable (and relate-worthy) pop punk alive.
They are the perfect mix of emo-tinged vocals over poppy but not too poppy, catchy but not cheesy, punk rock, each song busting out a beat that just won't... queat? quit.*

Born Wrong - FART DISTRICT !!

Jokes like that will never get old to me.
I'm simple.
Simple Jack-ass.
But enough about farts, let's talk about sex!

Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again

"I've been waiting for more Joyce Manor since they released that self-titled album that I'm still teenage-girl-stalker-level obsessed with"...is what I was about to write before I remembered there has been another album since that unforgettable debut. Oops!

Get your TV Freaks on!

I didn't think it was possible for an EP with just 3 short songs to leave such an impact but holy mother of Rick James, the new TV Freaks 7" Leeches - out June 24th on Hosehead Records - totally slapped me in the face while kicking me in the butt, HARD, all at the same fucking time.


Move over Christmas, Pouzza Fest has stolen that cozy little nook in my heart reserved for my most favouritest annual (not to be confused with anal) event!

Check out WHOOP-Szo's Niizhwaaswo .... in other words, say whaaaaaaaaa?

WHOOP-Szo kinda strikes me as the smarter, younger, Inuit sister to Primus. More mature and reserved than her spazzy older bro, she's got a deep infatuation with nature and all it's beauty, and tends to indulge in the more natural psychedelic drugs like shrooms over the crack her siblings clearly smoke.

Gameday Regulars + Guerrilla Monsoon SPLIT! Out Aug. 4th

Today is one of those days that I feel - what's the un-holy alternative for 'blessed'? privileged? - privileged to get to do what I do through this site, even if I've never seen a penny profit from any of it. Payoff for me comes in the form of meeting/e-meeting really cool bands/artists who send me really amazing music ahead of the release date. And sometimes they even spill the beans on big news that the public isn't privy to yet.

THE FUCKERS are a punk band and that's all you need to know.

Check out The Fuckers, party punks from Chicago blasting badass beer-laden punk-o-rama era punk jams that remind me of Leftover Crack/Choking Victim if they traded in their politics and ska-vibe for jokes and liquor.

put Champion Lover in your ear butt and make whoopee with it!

I can't help but relate Champion Lover's recent self-titled release to sex.
So sorry. 
Not sorry.

The Hunters - Fart Electric

Just kidding. The Hunter's new album is actually called Art Electric, and despite the lack of gas in the title it still manages to rev my ear-gines (that could sound sexual but for once it was not my intent.. unless deep down I think flatulence is sexy which would actually explain a lot of past boyfriends).

I'm all for alcohol, I'll tell ya. It's the thing.

Move over Prince, your parties are a thing of the past.
Here in 2014 there ain't no party like a Victim Party!
Before you hit play on their new album do yourself a huge ass favour and make sure you have some sort of liquor in front of you. If you don't you will, I-I say, you will regret it.
Guaranteed not even half a song in and you'll be craving it.
(Or maybe some pills, #UnitedStatesofWhateva)

Cousins - The Halls Of Wickwire

Sea salt surf punk is what I'm going to call East coast bands like Cousins from now on, and I think this fabricated sub-genre is quickly becoming my favouritest of all sub-genres.
Cousin's new album The Halls Of Wickwire really puts the 'ocean' in sea salt, or something...
What I mean is, they sing about the ocean and make me want to go to there.

Step Right Up - Brassknuckle Lullabies EP

Step Right Up sound like the type of band who will tell you to do what their name says and then THWACK, they punch you in the face a bunch of times with their abrasive thrashcore punk songs, spitting on you all the while with their drunken slurred vocals. And guess what, getting punched in the face and spit on feels pretty fucking awesome when it's done by Step Right Up. So good that you're going to come back for seconds, thirds, fourths, heck you'll be begging them to treat you like their own personal punching bag.

Another fucking cool Hamilton band. What the fuck Hamilton!

What the fuck is happening in Hamilton? Did somebody spike their water supply with a magic potion that makes the whole city genius songwriters?
They even know how to make boring mainstream pop rock sound good.

Punk rock music is great music played by bad drunk musicians.

Check out Rail 27, a sweet skate/ska/punk bands from Reading who remind me a lot of a cross between Link 80 and Leftover Crack. The high school girl in me is drooling over this band, while the adult me is enjoying the spurts of ska but is glad that there's way more to it than upstrokes, 'cause my ska days are behind me (for the most part).

The Parlour Suite are back in black

The Parlour Suite have gone from the sunshine'y lollipop-like sound to a darker, more ambient and airy night-time romp in the park. Their new album, Vibes, out May 27th, takes their electronic pop to a whole new seductive level. It's like that girl you went to camp with for two summers when you were younger who was always so bubbly and chipper and cute, but when you see her again she's kinda gone a bit goth, has lost her cuteness to maturity, and is dressing way sexier.

Wasted Potential.... or wasted... NINJA.... Potential?

I skipped ahead a bunch in my list of 'to be reviewed' because there was nothing else I wanted to listen to at 11am on Good Friday morning other than Wasted Potential.
Talking about their fucking killer new album doesn't feel like work to me right now, and the last thing I want to do is work on my day off work, which unfortunately I have to but at least let me get a few caesars in me first, naw'meeen?!

Introducing my new favourite EP by Billy Moon

Billy Moon just released a new EP.
I am in love.
Holy Hamilton, I need to come do a feature in you.
So many wicked bands pouring out of that hammer hole.

Nintendo Dance sPunk

When I first read Nintendo and punk in the same sentence describing Kount Rotttula it was like I got a 'level up' in my pants. Talk about two of my favourite things. I could write a version of that Sound Of Music song and just repeat them two things over and over.
It wouldn't be a good version, but that's not the point.

Michael Feuerstack & Associates - Singer Songer

OK guys. This new Michael Feuerstack & Associates album, Singer Songer, is suspenders down the new Laura to my Urkel. I'm not entirely sure if I've done my math correctly, but from what I've calculated here Michael is the 'songer' and each song features a different special guest appearance, making them the ever-changing 'singer'. Feel free to check my answer.

Go Big or go to hell

The other day I wrote about how much I love the combination of punk rock and bluegrass/country/folk. Want to know what's better than that?
Adding a hint of ska, and 'Disney soundtrack' to it.
And I know that to most people that won't actually sound appealing.
(To me, it's a wet dream in the shape of music notes.)

Pet Sun - Serpent Buzz EP

You wouldn't think of it by the name, but Pet Sun are like, the sexiest band around right now.
I mean, pets aren't sexy (unless you're a freak), and I guess the sun is hot.. so there's that.
Pet Sun are sexy tho. Real sexy.
Sound-wise/song-wise I mean. I have no idea what they look like physically.
I'm talking their tunes, maaaaan.
They're fucking sexy.
Sexy triple xxx'y.

The Human Project - UK PUNK!

When The Human Project 's new album, Origins, first kicks in I immediately think 'A Wilhelm Scream' by the sounds of the guitars, and then the singing kicks in and it combines that intensity with a bit of melodic softness, then countered by the pounding of the drums in the back... and it all hits me so fast from every direction like a mosh pit composed of all the punk bands I used to listen to in high school.
I love it. I love it all. All rolled into one.

All aboard the Animal Train!

Animal Train are a punk band in the true sense of the genre. Their songs are sweaty, in your face, actually meaningful, and over faster than you can drop a deuce; none longer than 2 minutes and the 8-track album is over in under 15. My ears are chugging it back like my mouth does whiskey and I'm feeling it so hard that I think I'm love drunk.
Correction: Love wasted.

Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes - Pull The Cork

I'm a small town girl who grew up on country music - thanks to my best friend's dad who straight up used to drive us around in his pick-up truck blasting all sorts of country 'n' bluegrass every weekend...those were the days. -  whose obsession with punk rock began all thanks to the Columbia House Record Club (SO punk rock) after I picked Rancid + Ramones + Offspring albums at random because I thought the albums looked neat. Needless to say I have a super hard boner for bands who mix the two genres together and who do it well

Rioting Reverb “High, I’m Your Neighbour” Review by BennyB

Review written by Benny B of Messes & Miracles
What do you get when you combine gritty punk rock vocals with diverse alternative rock sounds created in Mississauga? You get an alternative punk/rock band from Mississauga called RIOTING REVERB.  Nothing overly technical, just straight up alternative rock sounds with touches of folk music deeply rooted in punk. The only thing I can suggest is a better quality recording and maybe a producer but all in all its definately a good start to something cool, I’ll be keeping my ears open for this group.

Half Goon

Meet Half Goon.
They're sludgy noise/thrash punk from Long Beach. I've been really into this stoner drone stuff lately and these guys really appeal me.
It kinda sucks that they live so far, after listening to them I really want to see them live and rock the fuck out with them in person. This album sounds great, but I feel like live they'd just take it to a whole other level.
Oh well, someday soon I hopes.

Sweet Jets, more like Sweet Jugs, milk jugs that is... so like, Sweet Tits.

At first Sweet Jet's new album sounded like a crazy drug-induced dream with like layers of singing faces forming a kaleidoscope that keeps switching back and forth with a live band in bell-bottoms and grungy hair rocking the fuck out while the dim garage light flashes on and off.
But a few songs in I realized there's soooo much more to it than that.

Banner Pilot, Don't Ever Change.

It's 3am in the morning and I have to wake up at 7am to get ready for work. I just got home from a show and made the mistake of checking my email out of habit, definitely not with the intention to work at this hour.
But, sitting here, begging me to listen to it is the brand-spank-fucking-new Banner Pilot album, Souvenir.
Obviously leaving it for the morning isn't an option.

WTCHS are wicked and will melt YOU.

It's so darn nice out I should be outside enjoying not having to wear my winter fucking coat in the sun, but instead I'm hungover, hunched over in front of my computer, Spider-Man curtains drawn with WTCHS on repeat, just hating the fact that I exist. If I didn't have to go pick up my bike from the bike doctors soon I'd be sleeping so hard right now. But since that's a thing I have to do instead of sleep, I am attempting a review in order to keep my mind off of how badly I want to crawl into a hole and bear out for the winter. Forming words let alone complete, meaningful sentences is such a struggle to me right now though, I'm in such a stupid daze that it feels my brain is actually Rob Ford, drunk and on crack, stumbling around my skull drooling, swearing, sweating. Yuck. Just yuck.

Review of Triggers by Michael from 331arts

Review by Michael Del Vecchio of 331arts
If Triggers came from a city like Oakville or Kelowna, they would probably sound a lot more like Blink 182 or Simple Plan. It seems the experience of living in Winnipeg, a city known for its bitter cold, crack problems, high murder rates, and hometown heroes Propagandhi, has molded their music into a gritty, aggressive, yet insatiably poppy form of punk rock. The predictable yet catchy break downs keep the tunes rooted in the pop-punk genre while the growl in the vocals suggest influences reminiscent of the late 1990s and early 2000s sound that come from bands like Avail, Face to Face, Hot Water Music, and of course, the aforementioned godfathers of Canadian prairie punk. Triggers have taken all the pop from pop punk but given it a mature and brash edge.

Oh My Navy Skies

So I'm listening to Navy Skies The New War EP right now. It's a style of rock I'm super picky about. It's the kind that's super radio friendly, especially the vocals, I can see mainstream Ca'merica going crazy for this. And since that's a huge part of the world I work in in real life bands really need to be goooooooood and unique for me to give them more than 2 minutes of my time.

I am slowly going crazy, 1 2 3 4 5 6 ZEN FUCK-UPS.

So, I'm really digging this new fucked up punk band from Ireland, the Zen Fuck-Ups.
Their album's got this twitchy mc'jerkyness to it, which puts to music something that I can barely put to words, which is the feeling I get after smoking my very first bowl after work... I'm not sure why but it gives me the mad tweaks. I get incredibly hyper like I just downed 7 energy drinks, and my brain feels like it's become a circle pit inside my skull and there's nothing I can do to focus until it gets winded and falls down. And then the music gets calm for a little bit, like how you sink into the nice lull of your high... and then it gets all fucked up again like I feel if I sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Ready Never “Eleutherophobia” Review by BennyB

Review done by Benny B from Messes & Miracles
I probably shouldn't come clean right off the hop but I  have to admit that I am actually at work writing this review instead of doing said “work”.  Normally you would have to put me in a triangle choke and force me to listen to electronic/pop music but strangely enough that isn’t the case here. READY NEVER is an electronic/pop band hailing out of Los Angeles, CA who have elements of jazz, 90’s electronic/pop, jungle, funk and house music all fused together to create a style of music that is similar to earlier electronica and pop artists such as Madonna, Haddaway or even the recent sounds of the band Black Eyed Peas.

Bet Your Life - Give No Quarter

This is my first day off party life since I got back from Cobourg last weekend, and I still haven't unpacked the suitcase full of laundry I brought home with me.. my room is kinda in ruins and I really should stop procrastinating and prepare for real life tomorrow.
But that sounds boring so I'm going to review Bet Your Life's new EP Give No Quarter instead.
It feels less like work to write about a wicked band than it does to put way my underwear, especially when they're my favourite breed of band.. pirate punk.

The Folk - We All Say

Rod Serling once said "If you need drugs to be a good writer, you are not a good writer." 
Which is something I think about every time I crack a bottle of whiskey and light a joint before I listen to the albums I have to review.
But want and need is different, and altho I'm honestly unsure if I've ever written anything for this blog completely sober, I know that I can write (probably a lot better) without having to be baked or drunk.
Sometimes tho... sometimes there are albums that just demand you to get high in order to review.
Albums like The Folk's We All Say.


whoa Lightmares. holy mother fucking shit.
i am so fucking stoked on this band right now that i can't even waste time capitalizing, but i will take this much time to tell you to suck it if you care about me and my small i's.
cause i don't, i don't care about anything but Lightmares right now. ANYTHING.
i'm about as utterly in love with their new album, Lightmares Are Rich And Educated, as Pepé Le Pew was with that uptight painted pussycat Penelope.

Rosewater - Science/Progress EP Review by BennyB

Review by Benny B of Messes & Miracles

Well its about midnight and I'm laying in bed next to my beautiful wife, my kids are asleep across the hallway and ever so faintly I can hear the clicking of my furnace turning on again as I hit play on this Bandcamp profile. Maybe not the best time or place to be doing this because holy Toledo! Hold on to your tablets, smart phones or whatever the f-bombs you use to stream multi-media off the internet from because this is mafackin’ ROSEWATER yo!!

Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris... and so on.

I sat down to review the band Slender Loris and ended up spending like half an hour looking at pictures of Slender Loris - the Christina Ricci eyed animal mother fucker.

11 Songs by LAMBS by Benny of Messes & Miracles

This album reviewed by BennyB of Messes & Miracles!

OK, hold the phone!…the album is called 11 Songs by Lambs when in all actuality there are 12, yes 12 tracks on the album. Aaaand the 12th song is only 12 seconds long! Who would have thunk it?


I've parked myself into a garage punk phase as of late. I've turned off the ignition, taken the keys and tossed them into the backseat, pretty confident I won't be pulling any time soon.
This new position of mine can easily be attributed to the following three bands:

All because of The Socials

I'm kinda getting all tumbly wumbly here, falling heart over boner for The Socials new sound. What I remember to be more straight up rock music (which I did enjoy from them, but is not exactly my choice thing) is now full of super catchy hooks and awesome melodic choruses much more reminiscent of the punk rock I'd rather listen to always.

The Dirty Nil Light My Heart Grill.

I just saw a copy of the new EP, Smite, from The Dirty Nil in my inbox and I pretty much just threw everything else I was doing aside so I could review it. And by 'everything else I was doing' I mean I stopped packing up for bed at 9:30pm.

Attention Anyone... more like Attention Sarah This Just In like forever ago!!

Welp, Ima dick. A dick with the memory of a goldfish.
I was asked to review this album soooo long ago, and I even wrote it down on two, TWO, different lists.. but then life happened and here we are, like 20 reviews later, and I still haven't looked at either list.
(to everybody else on them, mesosawwy!)  
Sarah Fail!
And honestly, now that I'm finally giving it a good listen I wish I could 'go go Gadget' kick my own ass. 

Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit with Stuck Out Here

I don't give a wet fart how many more awesome EPs come out in 2014, I've already got my #1 of this year.
Stuck Out Here's Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit is tits down my favourite record right now, maybe even of ever from a Toronto band. It's only been out for a few days but I've already listened to it more times than I've said 'pizza' 'boner' and 'tits' combined. And that's pretty much my entire vocabulary.

Failure Machine - the vanilla dip donut of soul music (my favourite)

Failure Machine sent me a super sweet email saying they think the way I work dicks and boners is great.
*lie alert!* *lielarm!*
ACTUALLY it said that they think it's great how I work dicks and boners into my reviews but I chose to ignore that last part. Probably just a typo.

The Bare Minimum are to release Hit After Hit in March ...

The Bare Minimum are that good dude friend of yours in high school who went away to work all summer and came back a really sexy man that you can't help but want to fuck.
I am seeing them in a whole new light after hearing their upcoming release, Hit After Hit, and WOW.

"We build our bodies to be better than babies" - Average Times

It says that on the Average Times facebook page and I can't stop laughing at it.
I mean, who says that!
Hilarious people making awesome music, that's who.
On a completely serious note tho I've found a new favourite band in these Ottawa garage-punkers.
Their songs are fun, dangerous, addicting and with the powerful ability to take over your body and turn you into a jitterbug. I'm not talking like, Animorph's style, but the dancing kind. Dancing zombies controlled by each beat, all jerky and with their heads falling off with each hard twitch to the left...

Check out Citizens from Leuven!

Not to be confused with Citizens! from London, or Citizen from Michigan, Citizens are a pop/alt/rock/chillaxin' band from Leuven, Belgium dishing out low key tunes that remind me soooo much of something you'd hear on the radio in the 90's. And Sarah loves the 90's!

Born Wrong - Unleash The Fury Of RAGE!

Pardon my one track mind right now but I just bought a RetroN thingy that I can play all my SNES games on so I've been tits deep in Primal Rage for a good week now.
I'm sitting here rocking the fuck out to Born Wrong, trying to write a review, and all I can think of is how perfect it'd be to listen to them while beating some dinosaur butt.

The Lawrence Arms - Metropole

Oh how I missed Brendan Kelly's husky voice.
It's been way too long.
Hearing it again ignites something deep inside me, something I've been keeping locked up for the last eight years. A connection I can only ever feel to one band, kind of like that one childhood friend who you were the closest with but had to move away from for a while. That person who knows you inside and out, and understands you in a way that nobody else will.

I'm Cuckoo For Caffiends!

I think this band IS me.
Songs about drinking, drinking, smoking weed, and more drinking. There's even a love song about liquor. And the b-e-beer quote from the Simpsons. And a Can't Hardly Wait quote. I could go on but I'm stoned and lazy.

Beat Noir - Ecotone (FYI I wrote this review when it was -30)

Usually I try to find the perfect playlist to compliment a beautiful sunny day, or one that will warm my heart and soul when things get a bit too cold.... but this new album from Beat Noir actually matches the frigid weather outside my window as I listen to it. It goes glove in glove with a city of cement, suiting the people walking with their heads down against the strong winds, alone..

Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

I honestly haven't been a fan of Against Me! since they were on Fat, and even then I only ever really cared about Reinventing Axl Rose.. that album will own my heart for as long as I live.
I had no intentions of really giving a damn about this new album.

The Neighborhood Bullys are actually people you WANT to know.

Sitting here on my last free Friday morning before my holiday ends, trying not to poop because the -35 degree temperature up here in Canadeh has frozen the water pipes in my building.
No water = no flushy.
I found this out after my first coffee, which, without going into too much detail, is like gargling with lemon juice and cayenne pepper and then instead of spitting it out just sitting down to watch Dr. Phil with it swishing around your mouth, burning your lips..

I am Sarah Jane, she is Britney Jean.

I woke up today much earlier than I planned since I'm still on Christmas vacation. I have absolutely dick all to do with my time off so I decided to settle back in bed, smoke a huge joint and zone out to some Melrose Place until I could sleep my way back into single digit pm times when it's okay to start drinking. Unfortunately for me and my current obsession with terrible 90's TV, the 2 hour Melrose Place episode I was dead set on watching would not load, so instead of skipping ahead (it's the season 3 finale, I just can't do it!) I gave up and typed 'full documentary' into YouTube and clicked on the first music related one on the list.

Daft Punk - A Year Too Late

I'm not one of those running types. In fact, when my friends and I first moved to Toronto we had a rule that we would never run for anything, be it for the TTC, to get away from angry hookers we owed money to, or just to cross the street. We even believed the flashing hand that was warning people not to cross was actually there to 'wave the good looking people through'.. because good looking people don't get hit by cars, cars stop for them. Yeah. So when it comes to exercising I'm the type that counts picking up heavy foods and banging as a days worth of calorie burning activity.

Deathday EP

Deathday, the gloomy industrial-danced post-punk band from LA, released a new nugget of an EP back in 2013 (Happy New Year turdlers!) and because I'm lazy and slow I'm just getting around to listening to it now.
The first track is some techno'ish (excuse my ineptness in this area of expertise) remix which, lezbehonest, just doesn't toot my pooter. The other 2, however, I find about as mesmerizing as a bloody car crash.