The Bare Minimum are to release Hit After Hit in March ...

The Bare Minimum are that good dude friend of yours in high school who went away to work all summer and came back a really sexy man that you can't help but want to fuck.
I am seeing them in a whole new light after hearing their upcoming release, Hit After Hit, and WOW.

"We build our bodies to be better than babies" - Average Times

It says that on the Average Times facebook page and I can't stop laughing at it.
I mean, who says that!
Hilarious people making awesome music, that's who.
On a completely serious note tho I've found a new favourite band in these Ottawa garage-punkers.
Their songs are fun, dangerous, addicting and with the powerful ability to take over your body and turn you into a jitterbug. I'm not talking like, Animorph's style, but the dancing kind. Dancing zombies controlled by each beat, all jerky and with their heads falling off with each hard twitch to the left...

Check out Citizens from Leuven!

Not to be confused with Citizens! from London, or Citizen from Michigan, Citizens are a pop/alt/rock/chillaxin' band from Leuven, Belgium dishing out low key tunes that remind me soooo much of something you'd hear on the radio in the 90's. And Sarah loves the 90's!

Born Wrong - Unleash The Fury Of RAGE!

Pardon my one track mind right now but I just bought a RetroN thingy that I can play all my SNES games on so I've been tits deep in Primal Rage for a good week now.
I'm sitting here rocking the fuck out to Born Wrong, trying to write a review, and all I can think of is how perfect it'd be to listen to them while beating some dinosaur butt.

The Lawrence Arms - Metropole

Oh how I missed Brendan Kelly's husky voice.
It's been way too long.
Hearing it again ignites something deep inside me, something I've been keeping locked up for the last eight years. A connection I can only ever feel to one band, kind of like that one childhood friend who you were the closest with but had to move away from for a while. That person who knows you inside and out, and understands you in a way that nobody else will.

I'm Cuckoo For Caffiends!

I think this band IS me.
Songs about drinking, drinking, smoking weed, and more drinking. There's even a love song about liquor. And the b-e-beer quote from the Simpsons. And a Can't Hardly Wait quote. I could go on but I'm stoned and lazy.

Beat Noir - Ecotone (FYI I wrote this review when it was -30)

Usually I try to find the perfect playlist to compliment a beautiful sunny day, or one that will warm my heart and soul when things get a bit too cold.... but this new album from Beat Noir actually matches the frigid weather outside my window as I listen to it. It goes glove in glove with a city of cement, suiting the people walking with their heads down against the strong winds, alone..

Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

I honestly haven't been a fan of Against Me! since they were on Fat, and even then I only ever really cared about Reinventing Axl Rose.. that album will own my heart for as long as I live.
I had no intentions of really giving a damn about this new album.

The Neighborhood Bullys are actually people you WANT to know.

Sitting here on my last free Friday morning before my holiday ends, trying not to poop because the -35 degree temperature up here in Canadeh has frozen the water pipes in my building.
No water = no flushy.
I found this out after my first coffee, which, without going into too much detail, is like gargling with lemon juice and cayenne pepper and then instead of spitting it out just sitting down to watch Dr. Phil with it swishing around your mouth, burning your lips..

I am Sarah Jane, she is Britney Jean.

I woke up today much earlier than I planned since I'm still on Christmas vacation. I have absolutely dick all to do with my time off so I decided to settle back in bed, smoke a huge joint and zone out to some Melrose Place until I could sleep my way back into single digit pm times when it's okay to start drinking. Unfortunately for me and my current obsession with terrible 90's TV, the 2 hour Melrose Place episode I was dead set on watching would not load, so instead of skipping ahead (it's the season 3 finale, I just can't do it!) I gave up and typed 'full documentary' into YouTube and clicked on the first music related one on the list.

Daft Punk - A Year Too Late

I'm not one of those running types. In fact, when my friends and I first moved to Toronto we had a rule that we would never run for anything, be it for the TTC, to get away from angry hookers we owed money to, or just to cross the street. We even believed the flashing hand that was warning people not to cross was actually there to 'wave the good looking people through'.. because good looking people don't get hit by cars, cars stop for them. Yeah. So when it comes to exercising I'm the type that counts picking up heavy foods and banging as a days worth of calorie burning activity.

Deathday EP

Deathday, the gloomy industrial-danced post-punk band from LA, released a new nugget of an EP back in 2013 (Happy New Year turdlers!) and because I'm lazy and slow I'm just getting around to listening to it now.
The first track is some techno'ish (excuse my ineptness in this area of expertise) remix which, lezbehonest, just doesn't toot my pooter. The other 2, however, I find about as mesmerizing as a bloody car crash.