Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

I honestly haven't been a fan of Against Me! since they were on Fat, and even then I only ever really cared about Reinventing Axl Rose.. that album will own my heart for as long as I live.
I had no intentions of really giving a damn about this new album.
Don't get me wrong, I have SO much respect for what this new record stands for, and everything that Laura Jane Grace has done for the trans community by standing in front of the world and being true to herself, regardless of whether or not her fans wanted to support her through it. And holy shit, the response she received, especially in the punk community, was so beautiful that I'm tearing up just thinking about it right now. She's a true hero, just simply because she had the balls (hehe, sorry) to be herself.
Regardless of how much I idolize her for it, I wasn't about to like the band's music again just because I respect Laura's personal journey. I think the band gained enough fans for that reason, and all the power to them, but I was ready to dismiss this album like I dismissed the last couple because they just weren't my cup'o'tea.
But. Um. WOW... was I ever wrong.
I saw the free stream of Transgender Dysphoria Blues up on NPR this morning and figured if it was free there was no reason not to give it a chance.
If I hadn't listened to this album my life would be less complete.
That's how fucking impactful it's been on me.
And it's only 30 minutes long.
But those 30 minutes are packed with the most moving, emotional pieces of art that I have ever heard.
The first song alone had goosebumps appearing all over my arms and legs within the first few lines, and I could feel the affect of each word in the pit of my stomach.
I'm certain that not a single Against Me! fan is going to be disappointed after hearing this album. It's worth about a bazillion times more than the hype it's received leading up to the release.
I want to say more but it'd be impossible for me to get across to you in my words just how meaningful these songs are. You really just need to hear it for yourself, from Laura's lips.
It's only January but I guarantee it's going to kick every other release's ass in 2014.
Mind my words, come December you'll see this atop all the year end lists, including mine.

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