Beat Noir - Ecotone (FYI I wrote this review when it was -30)

Usually I try to find the perfect playlist to compliment a beautiful sunny day, or one that will warm my heart and soul when things get a bit too cold.... but this new album from Beat Noir actually matches the frigid weather outside my window as I listen to it. It goes glove in glove with a city of cement, suiting the people walking with their heads down against the strong winds, alone..
Don’t let this bum you out though, it’s not all chilly vanilly. While parts of the album definitely make you feel like an iced up snowball just hit you in the face (or if you want to get super emo about it, the heart), as soon as the gang vocals kick in it feels like a warm blanket is wrapping itself around you, like a snuggie, as you watch everything else freeze, finding comfort in the feeling that you’re surrounded by all of your best friends, and no matter what the temperature you’re not alone, you’re all in it together….
‘it’ being an ice box of punk rock.
That’s a thing, right?
By box I mean, vagina.
That’s definitely a thing!
Anyway, this is hands down one of the most modest and most honest albums I have ever heard. It’s impossible not to feel affected by the mood of each song. For example, the grave vocals singing about 'just another couple dead kids' in the track "Nicky Driscoll" actually sends my heart into shivers. Again, matching the weather outside.
And your / my cold, cold heart.

I’ve been a huuuuge fan of this band since I first heard the song “Sharks & Sheep” years ago, and it’s clear that they’ve grown a lot since then into a more refined sound, like they really know who they are and what their purpose is now. In my opinion this new album is already a shoe-in for the best of 2014 lists you’ll get bombarded with at the end of the year.
And it’s only January.
It’s that good.
Now excuse me while I go cry for a bit…


PS. Beat Noir will be playing in Toronto on February 7th at Izakaya Sushi House with The Victim Party, Wasted Potential and Stuck Out Here, so put on your hat and scarf and come party.

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