Born Wrong - Unleash The Fury Of RAGE!

Pardon my one track mind right now but I just bought a RetroN thingy that I can play all my SNES games on so I've been tits deep in Primal Rage for a good week now.
I'm sitting here rocking the fuck out to Born Wrong, trying to write a review, and all I can think of is how perfect it'd be to listen to them while beating some dinosaur butt.
It's fitting the band is from 'the Hammer' (Hamilton, for you un-with it folk) because the pounding drums get me so worked up that I feel like they're possessing me and I go into hammer mode. Not in real life of course, but in Nintendo life, button mashing the fecal matter right out of these prehistoric assholes.
I can be a verbally aggressive person, but I'm not violently aggressive normally... that is, until I hit play on a Born Wrong song. Then all I want to do as I listen is storm into my Primal Rage world, warm up Talon and then claw-punt my way through each post-apocalyptic region of Urth.
At the end of each track I just can't help to picture a little heart exploding sending blood shooting everywhere ...
This band brings out the best in me, clearly.
If you see me at one of their shows watch out or I'll unleash the fury of rage on you!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.