Daft Punk - A Year Too Late

I'm not one of those running types. In fact, when my friends and I first moved to Toronto we had a rule that we would never run for anything, be it for the TTC, to get away from angry hookers we owed money to, or just to cross the street. We even believed the flashing hand that was warning people not to cross was actually there to 'wave the good looking people through'.. because good looking people don't get hit by cars, cars stop for them. Yeah. So when it comes to exercising I'm the type that counts picking up heavy foods and banging as a days worth of calorie burning activity.
But then I broke my foot, and unlike Kimberly in Melrose Place my traumatizing accident snapped me back into reality (mostly because I couldn't pick up liquor on crutches) and made me appreciate the activities I used to take for granted, like you know, walking. That, and my lack of activity (sex) and increased appetite (drugs) made the need for exercise quite obvious.
For me, it's not so much stamina that's a problem, it's boredom. I could run for at least an hour if I could do something as equally stimulating for my mind to keep me sane. Unfortunately my ability to focus on a movie only diminishes while running, and I had yet to find a playlist that I don't have to manually override every few songs.
But then I heard the latest Daft Punk album and I knew I would finally be thin again.
I get that it's been out forever and reviewed over and over by now, so I'll keep this short.
The whole thing sounds like the story of a romance between ET and C-3PO. Filled with alien invasions, a robot dancing amorously, and Burt Reynolds posing naked on a dead bear, in front of a group of monks.

It's actually so complex of a story, with little to no lyrics depending on the song, that every time I throw it on I immediately zone out. And this is where that whole boring blurb about exercising comes in - it's the only album that makes me forget I'm running long enough to actually "keep fit and have fun" as Hal and Joanne would say. That, and it's actually really fucking good. But you all know that by now.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.