Deathday EP

Deathday, the gloomy industrial-danced post-punk band from LA, released a new nugget of an EP back in 2013 (Happy New Year turdlers!) and because I'm lazy and slow I'm just getting around to listening to it now.
The first track is some techno'ish (excuse my ineptness in this area of expertise) remix which, lezbehonest, just doesn't toot my pooter. The other 2, however, I find about as mesmerizing as a bloody car crash.

They create such an intense picture in my head of the 80's exploding - like the actual decade of dance music just blowing into smithereens - leaving the entire scene desolate apart from the dead, while "Dropped Into Obscurity" somberly plays, kicking off the soundtrack to the post-mortem twitching of the scattered limbs. "No Future" follows just as you're getting used to the fact that music as you know it has been obliterated in a nonsensical violent outburst of doom, leaving you with only the grim realization that there's nothing left, it's over.

Or whatever.

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