The Bare Minimum are to release Hit After Hit in March ...

The Bare Minimum are that good dude friend of yours in high school who went away to work all summer and came back a really sexy man that you can't help but want to fuck.
I am seeing them in a whole new light after hearing their upcoming release, Hit After Hit, and WOW.
Their sound is like Offspring meets Cancer Bats or some crazy mother fuckin' shit like that on this record.
It's fucking intense.
They really brought it, or, in your case (suckas), they WILL be bringing it. Hard. On March 25th. When it's released. And then again on March 28th when they have their release show. At Magpie. In Toronto. Be there, or be rectangular. Which is way longer than square.
Take the album title as indication, it's not a lie.
I feel like I'm about to end up on the Jenny Jones show in a GEEK TO CHIC episode after listening. I mean, not that I ever disliked the band, I've always loved these guys, but just as a friend. And now it's probably way too late, they've already called on Rude Jude to chirp me about how rehtahrdehd I was for overlooking their sex appeal in the past.
Just listen to the animal magnetism radiating from their first single..

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.