The Lawrence Arms - Metropole

Oh how I missed Brendan Kelly's husky voice.
It's been way too long.
Hearing it again ignites something deep inside me, something I've been keeping locked up for the last eight years. A connection I can only ever feel to one band, kind of like that one childhood friend who you were the closest with but had to move away from for a while. That person who knows you inside and out, and understands you in a way that nobody else will.
That's what The Lawrence Arms are to me. And Metropole feels like I'm reuniting with that person. Or, if you want to get all deep and shit, reuniting with myself, really...
The album feels so familiar.
Like seeing that old friend again finally and realizing that nothing has changed except your age and everything that comes along with that... it's a little bit more mature and perhaps taken down a notch, a bit more open emotionally, because you've both been around the block a few times by now.
It's almost impossible for me to criticize Metropole in any way.
How do you find flaws in that old friend that taught you everything you know?
Not that there would be anything to criticize them about even if I really wanted to.
This album is so true to them right now.
When you listen to the song "Beautiful Things" it's like they're opening a door for you to see more clearly than ever who they were back when they wrote all our favourite songs, which shows you exactly who they are as they write new shit now.

"I thought those songs could save me."

This is me bowing down before The Lawrence Arms... amiright?
Salami, salami, bologna = utmost sign of reshpeckt.

....and now, in order to add some balls to this overly emo review, let me whip out my "flaccid to boner" scale! On the scale of flaccid to boner this new album is sooo gooood that if played in front of all the poor trolls who had been turned to stone by the Queen in A Troll In Central Park it would ignite a fire in their junk so hot that it would make their bodies come back to life and their penai would fill up so hard and fast that when they jizzed it'd burst the stones apart and they would be free at last!!! And able to spit fire balls from their dicks, like fire power in Mario but with it coming out the tip.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.