The Neighborhood Bullys are actually people you WANT to know.

Sitting here on my last free Friday morning before my holiday ends, trying not to poop because the -35 degree temperature up here in Canadeh has frozen the water pipes in my building.
No water = no flushy.
I found this out after my first coffee, which, without going into too much detail, is like gargling with lemon juice and cayenne pepper and then instead of spitting it out just sitting down to watch Dr. Phil with it swishing around your mouth, burning your lips..

Naturally I need to do everything possible to keep my mind off my current situation, so I grabbed an issue of Crime SuspenStories (this is totally where my love for !'s comes from) and threw on the first CD in my pile of 'To Be Reviewed'.
(I do some of my best writing while reading! #ADD)
The band - The Neighborhood Bullys
'Why don't they pick on someone their own size' is the first thing that crossed my mind, ready to throw punches.
I'd be pretty emburrassed if they ended up being a band of nuggets and I ripped them apart thinking they were full-sized people, but then again I'm kind of short so it might not be entirely unfair.
What the fuck am I talking about?
As soon as I heard the punky/surfy vibe kick in after the drums in "Fighter Not A Lover" I stopped reading, traded my fists in for a tambourine and started dancing along.
This didn't help much on the I-have-to-poop front, but the music was good enough for me to stop caring.
They have this old classic rock style to them that doesn't feel fake or forced like most recreations now - for some reason I want to listen to David Wilcox or Steppenwolf after them - but laced with a punkified version of 60's doo-wop-pop-soul.
It's all around fun in that simple, blissful, we-just-want-to-rock-you... and then fight you... sort of way.
The EP is only 3 tracks, and after listening and dancing to it a few times over my water miraculously back on, so if you'll excuse me........

I'm Sarah. I poo what I want.