"We build our bodies to be better than babies" - Average Times

It says that on the Average Times facebook page and I can't stop laughing at it.
I mean, who says that!
Hilarious people making awesome music, that's who.
On a completely serious note tho I've found a new favourite band in these Ottawa garage-punkers.
Their songs are fun, dangerous, addicting and with the powerful ability to take over your body and turn you into a jitterbug. I'm not talking like, Animorph's style, but the dancing kind. Dancing zombies controlled by each beat, all jerky and with their heads falling off with each hard twitch to the left...

And I can't even express how much I love this band name with this album cover

It's just sooo perfect, it brings out a feeling in me of familiarity and comfort, it makes me think of all those terribly normal moments of my childhood and miss the fuck out of them.
It's funny, even though this garage punk thing is gaining a lot more popularity right now, Average Times still manage to sound like a blast from the past.. the hints of surfer throwback guitar / bass / beats just make me think of being a kid and playing that Disney's Magic Artist paint game thingy for Windows because I would always use that surfer dude song in the background,  "Wipe Out"..
In my head I'm picturing all the classic Disney stars like Mickey and Minnie and Donald all punked out hanging out in a garage smoking cigarettes and joints and drinkin' beers with ripped leather jackets, legs spread feet up lounging like they've got no more fucks to give.. listening to Average Times.

Sorta like that!
Or something way more badass than that, because this band has wayy too big'o'balls for Disney.

Check out their video for "Wasted On Wine" HERE

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