All because of The Socials

I'm kinda getting all tumbly wumbly here, falling heart over boner for The Socials new sound. What I remember to be more straight up rock music (which I did enjoy from them, but is not exactly my choice thing) is now full of super catchy hooks and awesome melodic choruses much more reminiscent of the punk rock I'd rather listen to always.

The Dirty Nil Light My Heart Grill.

I just saw a copy of the new EP, Smite, from The Dirty Nil in my inbox and I pretty much just threw everything else I was doing aside so I could review it. And by 'everything else I was doing' I mean I stopped packing up for bed at 9:30pm.

Attention Anyone... more like Attention Sarah This Just In like forever ago!!

Welp, Ima dick. A dick with the memory of a goldfish.
I was asked to review this album soooo long ago, and I even wrote it down on two, TWO, different lists.. but then life happened and here we are, like 20 reviews later, and I still haven't looked at either list.
(to everybody else on them, mesosawwy!)  
Sarah Fail!
And honestly, now that I'm finally giving it a good listen I wish I could 'go go Gadget' kick my own ass. 

Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit with Stuck Out Here

I don't give a wet fart how many more awesome EPs come out in 2014, I've already got my #1 of this year.
Stuck Out Here's Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit is tits down my favourite record right now, maybe even of ever from a Toronto band. It's only been out for a few days but I've already listened to it more times than I've said 'pizza' 'boner' and 'tits' combined. And that's pretty much my entire vocabulary.

Failure Machine - the vanilla dip donut of soul music (my favourite)

Failure Machine sent me a super sweet email saying they think the way I work dicks and boners is great.
*lie alert!* *lielarm!*
ACTUALLY it said that they think it's great how I work dicks and boners into my reviews but I chose to ignore that last part. Probably just a typo.