Attention Anyone... more like Attention Sarah This Just In like forever ago!!

Welp, Ima dick. A dick with the memory of a goldfish.
I was asked to review this album soooo long ago, and I even wrote it down on two, TWO, different lists.. but then life happened and here we are, like 20 reviews later, and I still haven't looked at either list.
(to everybody else on them, mesosawwy!)  
Sarah Fail!
And honestly, now that I'm finally giving it a good listen I wish I could 'go go Gadget' kick my own ass. 
And not just with any boot, but THIS boot:
I'd pay to see myself try to do that actually.. anyone else?
By the way, the album I'm talking about it you're too dumb to read it in the title (kidding for all the sensitive babies out there) is Attention Anyone's This Just In and, like, slap my butt and call me Miley it's really fucking good! I mean, I already knew they were really fucking good 'cause I've booked them before but like, the fact that I could have been listening to this album for months now really grinds my gears.
If you need a pump from the 90's punk vibe to get you to the bone zone, look no further. Fans of Face To Face, Gob, you know, all the goodies. Mmm goodies.
The best part is that they are able to keep it fresh too, it's not at all outdated, which means you don't get tired of it before you've even finished listening, or choose to play the aforementioned bands instead of getting to know this one.
Hear for yourself.. Sarah guaranteed to wet your willies.

I'm Sarah. I forget what I was going to say here.