Failure Machine - the vanilla dip donut of soul music (my favourite)

Failure Machine sent me a super sweet email saying they think the way I work dicks and boners is great.
*lie alert!* *lielarm!*
ACTUALLY it said that they think it's great how I work dicks and boners into my reviews but I chose to ignore that last part. Probably just a typo.

In honour of them pointing out how great I am with dicks and boners, I decided to whip out my 'flaccid to boner' scale again, so here goes: On a scale of flaccid to boners, their EP is that scene in Tomcats where like seven dudes drink the boner-pill laced wine right before the wedding and then all get massive boners, and when they turn to the side it's just a line of 7 raging hard-ons.
Needless to say, I love them x7.
They're from Reno, so I keep trying to think of ways to work Reno 911 into this review but there's really nothing really humorous about the music. It's pretty serious, badass garage + soul + funk + rock with wicked horns.. not something I can relate to the bafoonery that is that show. (you know you do soul right when...)
What I'm trying to say is, I'm smitten.
My earholes are craving them like my v craves a d after watching Road House.
(fuck Dirty Dancing, which I've never actually seen - yes I'm from Mars, STFU - Road House is where the sexy'z at when it comes to the Swayze. You see his butt naked butt, and that scene where he rips the dude's throat out at the end, awoooo, hubba hubba hellooooooooooooo nurse!)

Check it out.

Sidenote: Their facebook page is one of the most hilarious things I've read, they seem to have a thing for donuts and they used the term 'scouts shocker' with the hand sign thingy... maybe they are more like Reno 911 than I thought..

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