Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit with Stuck Out Here

I don't give a wet fart how many more awesome EPs come out in 2014, I've already got my #1 of this year.
Stuck Out Here's Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit is tits down my favourite record right now, maybe even of ever from a Toronto band. It's only been out for a few days but I've already listened to it more times than I've said 'pizza' 'boner' and 'tits' combined. And that's pretty much my entire vocabulary.
I've got it pretty bad for this band right now if you can't tell.. they're basically heroin for my ears. Somebody is going to find me one day soon passed out with headphones stuck to my ears and a pizza-eating grin on my face, overdosing on the awesome that is this album.
Everything about it is just so perfect, so genius.
It's the punk rock singalong of my dreams.
On the flaccid to boner scale this EP would be the size of the Jolly Green Giant's erection, but less green, cause like green dicks aren't super attractive, not that I've seen one..

The best part? It's fucking free so you can overdose your little heart out on happiness too, over and over and over.

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