The Dirty Nil Light My Heart Grill.

I just saw a copy of the new EP, Smite, from The Dirty Nil in my inbox and I pretty much just threw everything else I was doing aside so I could review it. And by 'everything else I was doing' I mean I stopped packing up for bed at 9:30pm.
I'm not a loser (debatable) I'm just hopped up on sleepy flu pills...
I may or may not have sizzurped a few times tonight as well.
I'm like, ballin' wit da flu y'allllllz.
Doesn't matter tho. Headache, snotty nose, one eye rolled back in my head, nothing would stop me from listening to new Dirty Nil.
As soon as I press play it feels like everything is right again in the world (of my body at least). You know when two negatives make a positive? Don't even think for a second that I'm calling this a negative, but it's five songs of kinda schizo sounding garage/punk rock that, combined with my own drugged up mindset, equals something so fucking balanced.
It's like,  I totally get it, maaaan.
Definitely one of my favourite singers, the screeching vocals are actually way more soothing than they are harsh to my sick ears, and instead of worsening my headache they're actually making me feel more awake and energetic. If I just keep this on repeat I'll totally forget I'm sick. Somebody could build a bubble around me and I wouldn't need games or company, just this loopin'.
But guess what dudez, that bubble would turn into the Bone Zone with how many ear-ections I'm getting from these songs. Hot DAMN.
And I honestly can't tell you how many heart loads I've blown into my blanket, at least 20 that I know of.
I don't even think I'm sick anymore, I just want to fuckin' drink, party and smoke, mm

oh, and here's another song for ya

Tour Dates: 
February 18 - Philadelphia PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
February 19 - Trenton NJ @ Millhill Basement
February 20 - Brooklyn NY @ Shea Stadium
February 21 - New Haven CT @ Anna Liffey's Pub
February 22 - Cambridge MA @ Tasty Burger
February 28 - Guelph ON @ Jimmy Jazz
March 2 - Sudbury ON @ Grace Hall
March 6 - London ON @ Call The Office 
March 21 - Toronto ON @ Silver Dollar 
March 28 - Saint Catharines ON @ Detour Music Hall
March 29 - Hamilton ON @ The Spice Factory


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I'm Sarah Sizzurp.