Review of Triggers by Michael from 331arts

Review by Michael Del Vecchio of 331arts
If Triggers came from a city like Oakville or Kelowna, they would probably sound a lot more like Blink 182 or Simple Plan. It seems the experience of living in Winnipeg, a city known for its bitter cold, crack problems, high murder rates, and hometown heroes Propagandhi, has molded their music into a gritty, aggressive, yet insatiably poppy form of punk rock. The predictable yet catchy break downs keep the tunes rooted in the pop-punk genre while the growl in the vocals suggest influences reminiscent of the late 1990s and early 2000s sound that come from bands like Avail, Face to Face, Hot Water Music, and of course, the aforementioned godfathers of Canadian prairie punk. Triggers have taken all the pop from pop punk but given it a mature and brash edge.

Oh My Navy Skies

So I'm listening to Navy Skies The New War EP right now. It's a style of rock I'm super picky about. It's the kind that's super radio friendly, especially the vocals, I can see mainstream Ca'merica going crazy for this. And since that's a huge part of the world I work in in real life bands really need to be goooooooood and unique for me to give them more than 2 minutes of my time.

I am slowly going crazy, 1 2 3 4 5 6 ZEN FUCK-UPS.

So, I'm really digging this new fucked up punk band from Ireland, the Zen Fuck-Ups.
Their album's got this twitchy mc'jerkyness to it, which puts to music something that I can barely put to words, which is the feeling I get after smoking my very first bowl after work... I'm not sure why but it gives me the mad tweaks. I get incredibly hyper like I just downed 7 energy drinks, and my brain feels like it's become a circle pit inside my skull and there's nothing I can do to focus until it gets winded and falls down. And then the music gets calm for a little bit, like how you sink into the nice lull of your high... and then it gets all fucked up again like I feel if I sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Ready Never “Eleutherophobia” Review by BennyB

Review done by Benny B from Messes & Miracles
I probably shouldn't come clean right off the hop but I  have to admit that I am actually at work writing this review instead of doing said “work”.  Normally you would have to put me in a triangle choke and force me to listen to electronic/pop music but strangely enough that isn’t the case here. READY NEVER is an electronic/pop band hailing out of Los Angeles, CA who have elements of jazz, 90’s electronic/pop, jungle, funk and house music all fused together to create a style of music that is similar to earlier electronica and pop artists such as Madonna, Haddaway or even the recent sounds of the band Black Eyed Peas.

Bet Your Life - Give No Quarter

This is my first day off party life since I got back from Cobourg last weekend, and I still haven't unpacked the suitcase full of laundry I brought home with me.. my room is kinda in ruins and I really should stop procrastinating and prepare for real life tomorrow.
But that sounds boring so I'm going to review Bet Your Life's new EP Give No Quarter instead.
It feels less like work to write about a wicked band than it does to put way my underwear, especially when they're my favourite breed of band.. pirate punk.

The Folk - We All Say

Rod Serling once said "If you need drugs to be a good writer, you are not a good writer." 
Which is something I think about every time I crack a bottle of whiskey and light a joint before I listen to the albums I have to review.
But want and need is different, and altho I'm honestly unsure if I've ever written anything for this blog completely sober, I know that I can write (probably a lot better) without having to be baked or drunk.
Sometimes tho... sometimes there are albums that just demand you to get high in order to review.
Albums like The Folk's We All Say.


whoa Lightmares. holy mother fucking shit.
i am so fucking stoked on this band right now that i can't even waste time capitalizing, but i will take this much time to tell you to suck it if you care about me and my small i's.
cause i don't, i don't care about anything but Lightmares right now. ANYTHING.
i'm about as utterly in love with their new album, Lightmares Are Rich And Educated, as Pepé Le Pew was with that uptight painted pussycat Penelope.

Rosewater - Science/Progress EP Review by BennyB

Review by Benny B of Messes & Miracles

Well its about midnight and I'm laying in bed next to my beautiful wife, my kids are asleep across the hallway and ever so faintly I can hear the clicking of my furnace turning on again as I hit play on this Bandcamp profile. Maybe not the best time or place to be doing this because holy Toledo! Hold on to your tablets, smart phones or whatever the f-bombs you use to stream multi-media off the internet from because this is mafackin’ ROSEWATER yo!!

Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris... and so on.

I sat down to review the band Slender Loris and ended up spending like half an hour looking at pictures of Slender Loris - the Christina Ricci eyed animal mother fucker.

11 Songs by LAMBS by Benny of Messes & Miracles

This album reviewed by BennyB of Messes & Miracles!

OK, hold the phone!…the album is called 11 Songs by Lambs when in all actuality there are 12, yes 12 tracks on the album. Aaaand the 12th song is only 12 seconds long! Who would have thunk it?


I've parked myself into a garage punk phase as of late. I've turned off the ignition, taken the keys and tossed them into the backseat, pretty confident I won't be pulling any time soon.
This new position of mine can easily be attributed to the following three bands: