11 Songs by LAMBS by Benny of Messes & Miracles

This album reviewed by BennyB of Messes & Miracles!

OK, hold the phone!…the album is called 11 Songs by Lambs when in all actuality there are 12, yes 12 tracks on the album. Aaaand the 12th song is only 12 seconds long! Who would have thunk it?
In all seriousness though I’m sitting here at my PC, my kids are in the other room watching some nonsense on Netflix and out of no where I get punched in the throat with a cool 50’s-60’s-70’s-esque rock band called “LAMBS”. Their sound isn’t that of a farm animal but one that is full of cool Pink Floyd-ish/Beatles-esque vocal harmonies and cool guitar solos that aren’t overly technical but groovy and well thought out. These qualities are prominent in the heart felt track “Move On” which happens to by my favorite song off the album.
LAMBS has a sound that is prominent in the individual effort by each band member, all adding a different element of musician-ship and style from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll eras.  Their sound is one that you would likely hear on any classic rock radio station, especially the track “I Want You for Mine”. This song is full of cool hooks, harmonies and instrumental textures throughout. In my opinion it has the best overall mix on the album.
11 Songs by LAMBS takes you on a journey through relationships, life lessons, bell bottoms and butterfly collar shirts. Although this style of music isn’t my favorite, upon listening one can’t deny that these guys are seasoned players and know their way around their instruments. Much props for bringing back an indie perspective of an era where many feel rock may have been born.
If you haven’t already then give these guys a listen.

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