Bet Your Life - Give No Quarter

This is my first day off party life since I got back from Cobourg last weekend, and I still haven't unpacked the suitcase full of laundry I brought home with me.. my room is kinda in ruins and I really should stop procrastinating and prepare for real life tomorrow.
But that sounds boring so I'm going to review Bet Your Life's new EP Give No Quarter instead.
It feels less like work to write about a wicked band than it does to put way my underwear, especially when they're my favourite breed of band.. pirate punk.
A cross between The Briggs and the Gallows with their rum soaked vocals and the hearty crew singalongs, each song packed to the hook with gusto.
It's the soundtrack to mutiny.
I can't help but picture all the pirates in Hook (the movie) just breaking into a musical number along with this EP. Imagine Mr. Smee is the singer?! Wouldn't that be a hoot.
Rufio would be on drums, and I guess Peter would have to be a part of it, but after he grew some balls, this ain't no band for wimps.
They're getting me so pumped up that I might actually tackle the shit out of my room tonight with this on repeat. I'll ignore the urge to then throw shit off my balcony pretending I'm making it walk a 17 story high plank above a concrete ocean.

Check out their brand new video done by my fav friends at 331arts!

PS. This cover is sweet.

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