I've parked myself into a garage punk phase as of late. I've turned off the ignition, taken the keys and tossed them into the backseat, pretty confident I won't be pulling any time soon.
This new position of mine can easily be attributed to the following three bands:

1. Geyser
Geyser is more of a rockin' post-punk garage band from Sudbury that kind of remind me of a Canadian Irvine Welsh character; raunchy, badass, but without the Scottish accent. The track "Junkie" off the new EP (streaming below) is by far my favourite song, it's got a riff that just won't quit and a beat you can't help but bump your trunk to. I just can't get enough. The other 3 tracks are wonderful as well, but that one definitely stands out for me.
The EP will be released April 1st (you can pre-order it HERE) and the Toronto release show is April 3rd at Izakaya Sushi House. You can bet that I'll be there front and center gettin' down with their scuzzy tunez.

2. Killer Wails
These guys are one of them surf'y garage rock types and even though they only have 2 songs up for your ear holes it's enough to have hooked me to the point where I've been pulled out of the water and am flapping back and forth on the bottom of the boat. Or, in this case, the surf board. They'll be playing at Izakaya as well on April 7th with my boys in The Atom Age, so come check dat oot.

3. The Shelters
More on the indie-pop-punk side of the parking garage, The Shelters are a much friendlier version of these last two, singing happy, catchy songs with distinct vocals that remind me a lot of something you'd hear off one of those old Punk Rock Strike compilations? Maybe? Or whatevz.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.