whoa Lightmares. holy mother fucking shit.
i am so fucking stoked on this band right now that i can't even waste time capitalizing, but i will take this much time to tell you to suck it if you care about me and my small i's.
cause i don't, i don't care about anything but Lightmares right now. ANYTHING.
i'm about as utterly in love with their new album, Lightmares Are Rich And Educated, as Pepé Le Pew was with that uptight painted pussycat Penelope.

"everyone should have a hobby, don't you think? mine is making love."
as soon as i pressed 'play' it was like hearts and smiley faces floating out of my ears.
and then... those vocals...
sometimes they feel like they're tickling me deep in the chest when they shake, and then by the time they start yelling they're just gripping my heart so fucking tight that i can't breathe because every ounce of my energy is strained towards listening to this thing that's reaching down inside of me...
.... i might just be really baked but my love for the song feels that intense right now.
no yeah i'm actually really baked but still.
those vocals...
it's like they're jerking the breath right out of my lungs, as in, jerking off my lungs. 
know what i mean?
i really like how they sound like they were just filling the shopping cart with a ton of different types of ingredients, like 60's, 70's rock 'n' roll with 90's college rock with 2000's dark emo with right now's garage punk grit... creating like the best damn fucking meal my ears (and heart) have ever feasteded upon. ohitsjustsogood.
this is honestly all i want to hear for like a week. probably more
i've already put it on my phone so i can hear it on my walk to work in the morning, and my walk home from work at night... and like forever and always.