Oh My Navy Skies

So I'm listening to Navy Skies The New War EP right now. It's a style of rock I'm super picky about. It's the kind that's super radio friendly, especially the vocals, I can see mainstream Ca'merica going crazy for this. And since that's a huge part of the world I work in in real life bands really need to be goooooooood and unique for me to give them more than 2 minutes of my time.
These guysz tho? Worth ALL of it. 
Their uniqueness comes from their kinda punky, kinda indie, keyboard cottage rock vibe.
I just keep picturing listening to them perform around me as I sit and roast spider weenies by the fire, looking out onto the lake with the moon reflecting back into the... get this... NAVY SKY.
Whoa, see what I did there.
I'd highly suggest coming to their release show in Toronto on April 4th, kay?
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1395526777380212/

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