Ready Never “Eleutherophobia” Review by BennyB

Review done by Benny B from Messes & Miracles
I probably shouldn't come clean right off the hop but I  have to admit that I am actually at work writing this review instead of doing said “work”.  Normally you would have to put me in a triangle choke and force me to listen to electronic/pop music but strangely enough that isn’t the case here. READY NEVER is an electronic/pop band hailing out of Los Angeles, CA who have elements of jazz, 90’s electronic/pop, jungle, funk and house music all fused together to create a style of music that is similar to earlier electronica and pop artists such as Madonna, Haddaway or even the recent sounds of the band Black Eyed Peas.
In a class of their own, this group (If not already) should be receiving rave reviews globally for their efforts on their album “Eleutherophobia”. Like most artists in most genres and styles this group touches base on life experience, drugs and society but with an upbeat and fun approach to their song writing. This is by far my least favorite type of music but I listened to the entire album and I actually enjoyed it. Their sound is fun, full of great hooks and catchy melodies that you would hear on a movie sound track. The first thing that came to my mind was the movie “The Night at The Roxbury”. Immediately gave me a sense of nostalgia and I instantly became a fan.
As I listen back to my favorite  tune and quite possibly the most diverse song on this album “Be My Lover Again” I can’t help but bop my head and groove to the tune. Along with the funky beats and cool synths sounds are thoughtful vocal melodies and a voice that is already familiar. I could sit here and listen to this album and tell this group how good they are at what they do all day long, but from one musician to another, I’m pretty sure they already know. If you are into Slayer, Megadeath or Motorhead then these guys aren’t for you but I’m telling you, you’re missing out on something pretty flippin’ cool here! Go ahead, check em’ out at I guarantee that your daughters or girlfriends will end up with a bad case of dance fever after listen to just one song. If I could sum up the band READY NEVER  into two words it would be, “Pleasantly Surprised.”