Rosewater - Science/Progress EP Review by BennyB

Review by Benny B of Messes & Miracles

Well its about midnight and I'm laying in bed next to my beautiful wife, my kids are asleep across the hallway and ever so faintly I can hear the clicking of my furnace turning on again as I hit play on this Bandcamp profile. Maybe not the best time or place to be doing this because holy Toledo! Hold on to your tablets, smart phones or whatever the f-bombs you use to stream multi-media off the internet from because this is mafackin’ ROSEWATER yo!!
We have all heard the term, "you can’t judge a book by its cover", right? Or am I just that old that I have lost touch with reality? Looking at this bands promo pic you see youth, diversity in culture and band mates of the opposite sex. At first glance one would expect their sound to be pop-like and happy. Let me be the first to tell ya'll that if you plan on spinning their EP titled "Science/Progress" (which also happens to be the title track and best song on the album) then hold tight and get ready for emotional screams, ghostly-melodic female vocals and unpredictable hooks and time changes.
In a scene where we are hearing a lot of the same song structures from many different styles of bands and genres of music, ROSEWATER is a young band who writes songs that defy the laws of the 'norm'. Just when you think you know where their song is about to go, out of the corner of your eye comes a left hook that smacks you on the temple. You might even look to your imaginary friend beside you and ask where the heck that came from!? As unfortunate as a left hook would feel, this band will leave you with a fresh perspective on youth angst in a broken society and the assurance that this group will be rocking our socks off for years to come. For anyone that enjoys bands like Kittie or Alexis on Fire I encourage you to give ROSEWATER a try, you just might like what you hear!