Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris Slender Loris... and so on.

I sat down to review the band Slender Loris and ended up spending like half an hour looking at pictures of Slender Loris - the Christina Ricci eyed animal mother fucker.

And then I spend another half an hour watching the most adorable videos of Slender Loris - again the animal.

And the whole time I'm doing this I have the band still playing fairly loudly in the background..

Which was a little off-putting as you can imagine.
The aggressive post-core-hard-listening doesn't quite match the cute cuddly creature of the same name, so having that blasting as the soundtrack to this adorable overload was a teeny weeny unsettling at first...
But THEN I slacked off some more and read up on the animal version and found out that they're an endangered species thanks to us dickbag humans.
And as I read this I got pissed, and the track "Roadtrip With Lars" ended at exactly the same moment with a good ol' "fuck you!" and I was like YEAH FUCK YOU and all of the sudden World Tour, (which is the title of the album by the band Slender Loris) served as the perfect compliment to my primate rage.
The songs are filled with angsty, awkward doom, the kind that just sorta takes over your body when you listen to it close enough and you end up just lurching back and forth in a weird hunched over trance as the music drones on...
Side note: let's just laugh for a second at how the word 'drone' can also refer to a male bee who doesn't have to work but gets to bang his queen bee all day! heh! heh! dat bee's got the honeyest life. (this side note brought to you by more Sarah slacking and the letter 'B' for butts)
The drone (heh) is covered in either intrusive screaming or despondent singing, and often broken with murky breakdowns or heavy rock outs, all of which seems to take that aforementioned rage in me in its fist and express it for me by throwing it in the face of everybody listening, like a monkey throwing its poo.
(I don't think the Slender Loris animals are actually monkeys but I stand by this statement regardless.)

I dig.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.