The Folk - We All Say

Rod Serling once said "If you need drugs to be a good writer, you are not a good writer." 
Which is something I think about every time I crack a bottle of whiskey and light a joint before I listen to the albums I have to review.
But want and need is different, and altho I'm honestly unsure if I've ever written anything for this blog completely sober, I know that I can write (probably a lot better) without having to be baked or drunk.
Sometimes tho... sometimes there are albums that just demand you to get high in order to review.
Albums like The Folk's We All Say.
I'm quite certain that the album itself is baked out of its goddamned mind, and I'm the type of person who is determined to keep up with the most fucked person at a party because, like, party on, and so I literally sat here and shmoked 2 full joints before I felt like I was close to the page they are on... at least I can see it now floating in the sky above me. Close enough.
Still, I can't get within reach of understanding the exact genre of the band.. I just hear this cluster fuck of rock & roll decades mixed with this (correct me if I'm baked) carnivalistic jazzyness to it. Which is pretty fucking awesome on it's own but there's so much more to it that I am totally failblog'ing to grasp.
This mystique is making me super enamored with them tho, along with the vocals which are a refreshing throwback to all the best female singers of now classic rock, and they compliment the hell out of the obscure music so like cowabunga!
I think my all-time favourite moment on this album is when they go all Sister Act in "I Care (If You Care)". Lovin' it.

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