All aboard the Animal Train!

Animal Train are a punk band in the true sense of the genre. Their songs are sweaty, in your face, actually meaningful, and over faster than you can drop a deuce; none longer than 2 minutes and the 8-track album is over in under 15. My ears are chugging it back like my mouth does whiskey and I'm feeling it so hard that I think I'm love drunk.
Correction: Love wasted.
'Now I feel my palms start to sweat'..
The love sweats.
Or drunk sweats, could be either.
They really do sound sweaty tho, btw.
I mean, I can almost feel the moisture dripping down the basement walls around me as the band plays through the album like seventy times in some secret DIY location.
Not that they'd really play it seventy times, but I'm definitely going to be listening to it seventy times over.
My new goal in life - to experience their sweaty show for real.
Alas, for now I'll just close my eyes and go chill in the damp mosh pit land in my head..

The album is called Premature Incineration, ps. Check it out.

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