Banner Pilot, Don't Ever Change.

It's 3am in the morning and I have to wake up at 7am to get ready for work. I just got home from a show and made the mistake of checking my email out of habit, definitely not with the intention to work at this hour.
But, sitting here, begging me to listen to it is the brand-spank-fucking-new Banner Pilot album, Souvenir.
Obviously leaving it for the morning isn't an option.
I thought maybe I'd listen to one or two tracks, just to see what it was like because curiosity always gets the best of ol' Whiskers, but one turned into three which turned into six which turned into all twelve tracks, not once... twice.
Guess I'm not sleeping well tonight/this morning.
Which sucks because it's only Tuesday, but when it comes to this battle between Banner Pilot and catchin' zzz's, Banner Pilot has won by a cumshot.
The best part about this new album is that I can describe it in three super simple words (or would this technically be four words? who fucking cares) and everybody will jump for joy...
Like, it's that fucking simple.
Straight up Banner Pilot.
Exactly how you hoped this album would sound, and how I hope every album after this one sounds.
Sure, the songs are new, and obviously there's differences, but baby, it's still that beautiful Banner Pilot sound that would warrant the band's name being added to the dictionary with the definition of FUCKING AWESOME beside it.
The songs sound so familiar that I keep forgetting this is the first time I'm hearing them until I go to sing along and realize I don't know any of the words yet.
This album definitely won't be leaving my headphones until I know ALL of them so I can feel all the feels they're writing about this time around.
I'm bringing back my 'flaccid to boner' scale that I've saved for albums as good as this one.
On the scale of flaccid to boner, Souvenir has done at least 3 times more steroids in it's dick than Barry Bonds has in his entire life.
Listen to the first single, "Modern Shakes", below (or head HERE to watch the video) and then pre-fucking-order the album HERE.

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