Cousins - The Halls Of Wickwire

Sea salt surf punk is what I'm going to call East coast bands like Cousins from now on, and I think this fabricated sub-genre is quickly becoming my favouritest of all sub-genres.
Cousin's new album The Halls Of Wickwire really puts the 'ocean' in sea salt, or something...
What I mean is, they sing about the ocean and make me want to go to there.
And the record reps that sunshine'y beach pop essence, but it definitely ain't sweet. It's got that delicious saltiness and twang to it that adds some bite, makes a stronger impression on your ears.
I can't help but see Matthew McConaughey's character from True Detective flashing at the back of my eyelids as I listen to this album.
NO clue why, the only thing they have in common is pure badassery. And twang I guess, but different sorts.
Even still I keep picturing him in his suit just walking along the Halifax shore, studying odd sea shells n shit.
Maybe I keep picturing him because there's something quite haunting about Cousins.. and if you watched the show you know that his character was haunted by a lot. The track "At Odds" is especially stirring, it was like I could feel my soul waking up while listening to it, and then rocking the fuck out come the chorus.
And in the song "Body" when they sing about electricity in the air you can almost feel it with those fuzzy guitars, you feel it in the air into your ears and down your body..
It's a very, very cool album to say the most bare-bottomed least.

Check out the first single "Mess".

The Hells Of Wickwire will be out May 13th. Pre-order it HERE.

Tour Dates
May 13 - MONTRÉAL, QC - Cabaret Mile-End *
May 14 - BOSTON, MA - TT The Bear's *
May 15 - BROOKLYN, NY - The Bell House *
May 16 - PHILADELPHIA, PA - Milkboy *
May 17 - WASHINGTON, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel *
May 18 - PITTSBURGH, PA - Brillobox *
May 19 - CINCINNATI, OH - MOTR Pub *
May 20 - COLUMBUS, OH - The Basement *
May 21 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Do317 Lounge *
May 22 - CHICAGO, IL - Empty Bottle *
May 23 - PONTIAC, MI - The Pike Room at the Crofoot *
May 24 - TORONTO, ON - Lee's Palace *
May 25 - HAMILTON, ON - The Casbah *
June 15 - PORTLAND, OR - Mississippi Studios *
June 18 - LOS ANGELES, CA - The Echo *
June 19 - OAKLAND, CA - LEO's *
June 20 - EUGENE, OR - Sam Bond's Garage *
June 21 - SEATTLE, WA - Tractor Tavern *
June 22 - SPOKANE, WA - The Bartlett *
* with Chad Van Gaalen

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