Go Big or go to hell

The other day I wrote about how much I love the combination of punk rock and bluegrass/country/folk. Want to know what's better than that?
Adding a hint of ska, and 'Disney soundtrack' to it.
And I know that to most people that won't actually sound appealing.
(To me, it's a wet dream in the shape of music notes.)
But I promise to even the most skeptical of ska/Disney that the outcome is as positive as the ending of 101 Dalmatians. All dogs aka genres accepted into a warm and loving family aka your ears, and loved. Just kidding (not really but) it's actually way more badass than that.
The band is Go Big.
The album is The Story From Our Side.
And like I said, it's all-that-above-infused punk rock 'n' roll. I should emphasis the 'rock 'n' roll' part to be fair and calm your tits after that Disney comparison.
I've been sitting here reviewing punk albums one after another since I got home from my actual paying work 2 and a half hours ago... and just hearing the horns and the girl with the pretty Disney-like voice belting out poppier alternatives to the husky punk rock vocals... well, it's like a shot of espresso to the face.
It actually made me sit back, put my hands in my lap (lies, they were holding and lighting a pipe) instead of working on other things while I listened.
And I wish to Walt that I had more time right now to listen a second time, because I really fucking like it and am dying to be able to sing along with (aka butcher) all the epic girl parts. She's my new Jasmine.


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