I'm all for alcohol, I'll tell ya. It's the thing.

Move over Prince, your parties are a thing of the past.
Here in 2014 there ain't no party like a Victim Party!
Before you hit play on their new album do yourself a huge ass favour and make sure you have some sort of liquor in front of you. If you don't you will, I-I say, you will regret it.
Guaranteed not even half a song in and you'll be craving it.
(Or maybe some pills, #UnitedStatesofWhateva)
The Victim Party have hands-in-the-air cornered the market on beer soaked punk rock fringalongs.
(Like singalongs but with your friends, not just the other kids on a Fred Penner cassette type thing.)
Whether you know them personally or not won't matter, the title of the record is Getting To Know The Victim Party and it's not just a title.. it's a theme AND, get this, a fucking story - IN COMIC BOOK FORM.
If you're anything like me then you're wetting your pants right now just thinking about it.
Without giving too much away, the concept of the album drunkenly started out with them wanting to write a song about each one of the members, both past (respect) and present. And not just funny surface shit, either. What it turned into is something pretty fucking epic. The comic book part of it actually takes these songs and ties them all together into one hell of story.
I won't say anything more about that ('cause like, fucking read it ya dope) other than it's my kind of hilarious and the art is spectacular.
B-b-b-back to the album tho: By the time you've heard the whole thing you won't be strangers anymore.. and when you play it again (which you'll have to because it's so good) it'll feel just like you're surrounded by a bunch of buds gettin' right ripped.
But, no matter how fun and saturated with booze the songs sound it's still quite clear that a lot of time and work went into making it all. Your new pals definitely didn't fuck around when it comes to quality, and I think that's pretty important to acknowledge with an album funded by an indiegogo campaign.
I have to admit my expectations were pretty high, which is not at all unreasonable considering how great the last album was, who they are, and the aforementioned funding. And they didn't just deliver, they fucking brought brought beer with that pizza and stayed to entertain you while you enjoyed it.
(And at the end, you have your hangover to face...)

If I were to whip out my flaccid to boner scale, this album would most definitely not be suffering from whiskey dick. Talk about 'dancing sword'... (listen to the album to get that... which you can do RIGHT NOW ON PUNKNEWS.ORG!)

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