Michael Feuerstack & Associates - Singer Songer

OK guys. This new Michael Feuerstack & Associates album, Singer Songer, is suspenders down the new Laura to my Urkel. I'm not entirely sure if I've done my math correctly, but from what I've calculated here Michael is the 'songer' and each song features a different special guest appearance, making them the ever-changing 'singer'. Feel free to check my answer.
Each of these songs is so pleasant that it almost feels like they are massaging my brains (I have multiple apparently) and inner ears with each twang of the guitar. And when certain songs really pick up it's almost like I can feel my ear hair dancing around, making my head feel so light and happy, along with my heart (d'awwwwwww!). 
A lot of it reminds me of M. Ward who I love and now need to listen to again.
Actually! I think I'm going to make a playlist with the two and put it on my phone for my happy bike to work music. Annnnnd *end nerdgasm*.
It's very beautiful music, honestly, and I don't use that word too often 'cause it's 'totally uncool', but it really is. And he's got such facking amazing singers for each song like Bry Webb (his voice is like a vibrator, girls best friend? heh heh), John K Samson (as soon as I heard him my whole world just exploded (into my pants (lol)(jk))))...
and oh man Leif Vollebekk (a voice is so moving it's like a kick to the junk of your hear)... and sooo many more.
Each track I have to resist the urge to click 'repeat 1' so that I can just enjoy it over and over and learn it... but then once the next one comes on I'm like "I regret nothing" because that one's also so good, and then it happens all over again and Bill Murray appears and then a snowman and then... I'm lost.
All I know is that I can't get enough of it. I'd listen to it over and over and over on Groundhog Day if I had do, and I'd definitely never feel the urge to turn my life around to make it stop looping and go back to normal. This album is far too good to be a good person.

Singer Songer will be out on vinyl for Record Store Day on April 19th, and the regular ol' CD & digi out April 29th.

SURPRISE THO: GUESS WHAT. Here's a fucking EXCLUSIVE stream of Michael Feuerstack's recent Pinball Session with HIM singing the track "When I Pay You Back Someday". It's the one sung by Leif on the album, so this is pretty special!
The full session will be up on Thursday around noon so follow Pinball Sessions on Facebook for that along with a lot of other really cool shit!

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