Nintendo Dance sPunk

When I first read Nintendo and punk in the same sentence describing Kount Rotttula it was like I got a 'level up' in my pants. Talk about two of my favourite things. I could write a version of that Sound Of Music song and just repeat them two things over and over.
It wouldn't be a good version, but that's not the point.
I guess what I was neglecting to see in the description was 'dance punk'. And it mentions a couple times that there be dance beats amongst the punk guitar and video game samples.
I mean I LOVE the idea of dirty punk lathered in Nintendo sound suds, buuut I am not a fan of the dance (I want to say Yoshi crap here but even his poop is good for you!) crap. To me it sounds like I got way too drunk and tried to play some super colourful Nintendo game and got the spins and then threw up on my keyboard, and then my wasted roommate started dancing and slurring along to the beat my vomit was making.

Be your own judge here.

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