Pet Sun - Serpent Buzz EP

You wouldn't think of it by the name, but Pet Sun are like, the sexiest band around right now.
I mean, pets aren't sexy (unless you're a freak), and I guess the sun is hot.. so there's that.
Pet Sun are sexy tho. Real sexy.
Sound-wise/song-wise I mean. I have no idea what they look like physically.
I'm talking their tunes, maaaaan.
They're fucking sexy.
Sexy triple xxx'y.
I'm sorry, my brain is numb after power-writing a handful of reviews and getting really high while doing so. I'm super tired and still have a daunting list in front of me of interviews and reviews to write.
To be honest I put this Pet Sun album on not so much to write about it but to enjoy it and chill out and get more baked to and just, you know, think sexxxy thoughts with.
Then I realized just how sexxxy it was and my fingers kinda took over. And I don't mean, like, down under, there's no time for strummin' on my pusstar, I mean on the keyboard.
I love when bands come along that are so good I just have to write about them.
A lot of the times I write because I'm asked to, if I like it enough to spend time listening to it and write silly nonsensical jibborish on a computer screen then I'll do it.
But tonight as soon as I hit play I felt like I was Devon Sawa in Idle Hands, except I didn't want to kill people, I just wanted to type the word sexxxy a bunch of times to describe the songs I was hearing.
It was not a choice. It was a ghost. Or curse, or demon or whatever it is.
With really really good sexxxy tastes, mind you.
I should probably shut up and let you listen before you lose interest ...

PS. Word on the email is they are going to be releasing a new EP soon'ish.

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