Rioting Reverb “High, I’m Your Neighbour” Review by BennyB

Review written by Benny B of Messes & Miracles
What do you get when you combine gritty punk rock vocals with diverse alternative rock sounds created in Mississauga? You get an alternative punk/rock band from Mississauga called RIOTING REVERB.  Nothing overly technical, just straight up alternative rock sounds with touches of folk music deeply rooted in punk. The only thing I can suggest is a better quality recording and maybe a producer but all in all its definately a good start to something cool, I’ll be keeping my ears open for this group.
The EP ‘High, I’m Your Neighbour” embellishes all that is punk with brief elements of ska to introduce their opening track ‘This Wasn’t it’.  The second track off of the EP ‘Respirator’ starts off with a sick Tom Petty-esque guitar riff and the guitar solo that comes in later in the song is probably the coolest piece of music on the entire EP (in my opinion). ‘Old Stories’ is the 3rd and by far best and most complete track on the EP. The song starts off with Harmonica accompanied by an acoustic guitar that comes at ya quick outta the gate. For an extremely long track this song flows nicely between transitions and the harmonica definately helps create that needed blend and texture to make this song work.
If you are into Social Distortion, Frank Turner and Gaslight Anthem then the odds are you might be into these guys. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming video for the track ‘This Wasnt it’ and be sure to check out a show as I hear these gents frequent the Toronto area clubs. You can check them out at and !