Scoop Trumbull & The Wrong Notes - Pull The Cork

I'm a small town girl who grew up on country music - thanks to my best friend's dad who straight up used to drive us around in his pick-up truck blasting all sorts of country 'n' bluegrass every weekend...those were the days. -  whose obsession with punk rock began all thanks to the Columbia House Record Club (SO punk rock) after I picked Rancid + Ramones + Offspring albums at random because I thought the albums looked neat. Needless to say I have a super hard boner for bands who mix the two genres together and who do it well
Scoop Trumbell & the Wrong Notes is definitely one of those bands.
Following in the footsteps of bluegrass + punk infuserz like Old Man Markley, their new album Pull The Cork sounds like Chuck Ragan recruited Old Crow Medicine Show to be his backing band for a big St. Patty's day show and this is what came of it. The vocals may not be as husky as Chuck's but they've definitely captured that punk rock vibe of his, mostly thanks to the amazing backing vocals that tingle my ear-hearts when they join in, and the vox (as cool people sometimes call it (maybe? I'm not cool, I have no idea)) are accompanied by a very impressive - and sometimes frenzied - banjo and a slew of other instruments like mandolin, washboard, etc etc etc.
The album is really pickin' on the strings of my heart, there's not a weak song on it, and they even pulled off a cover of "Oh Susanna" really quite well considering all the great musicians who have made it their own over the years. 
There are a lot of classic sounding yet completely relevant sad country songs that tell stories about where the band grew up, travels, and other relatable local things. Local to your heart that is. Maybe. 
But they do mix it up a bit with some drunk party songs like "My Girl (Doesn't Like Me When) I'm Sober" that remind me of Deer Tick's beer lovin' drinkin' tunes. 
You can check that track out as well as a couple more newbies right hurr:

AND if you're made of spare change you should help them make a music video by donating some of it to them. Let them convince you themselves..

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