Step Right Up - Brassknuckle Lullabies EP

Step Right Up sound like the type of band who will tell you to do what their name says and then THWACK, they punch you in the face a bunch of times with their abrasive thrashcore punk songs, spitting on you all the while with their drunken slurred vocals. And guess what, getting punched in the face and spit on feels pretty fucking awesome when it's done by Step Right Up. So good that you're going to come back for seconds, thirds, fourths, heck you'll be begging them to treat you like their own personal punching bag.
I can fully imagine them starting their own fight club. But instead of everybody fighting it's just one by one people jumping into the ring with this band, instruments in hand, and then as soon as the bell rings to start the fight, the band start blasting out one of their songs and you see their opponent just get beaten to a pulp with their sound waves. And he's down for the count.
I'm probably going to get in shit for talking about it, but I'll take that risk because this band deserves to be heard, and you can do so below.
Now I think I need to dust off my Fight Night 3 for PS2 and blast this EP while I play, I think it'd really help me pulverize suckas.

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