The Human Project - UK PUNK!

When The Human Project 's new album, Origins, first kicks in I immediately think 'A Wilhelm Scream' by the sounds of the guitars, and then the singing kicks in and it combines that intensity with a bit of melodic softness, then countered by the pounding of the drums in the back... and it all hits me so fast from every direction like a mosh pit composed of all the punk bands I used to listen to in high school.
I love it. I love it all. All rolled into one.
Almost like that new fried chicken pizza that Domino's just introduced.. that I haven't been able to stop thinking of. Unfortunately it's not available in Canada yet so here I am reviewing punk rock in order to keep my mouth from crying.
Anyway, yeah it's like that pizza 'cause like, it combines really good sounds together into one ear-watering full length.
Man I want that pizza.
Here, listen yourself while I wallow.

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