Wasted Potential.... or wasted... NINJA.... Potential?

I skipped ahead a bunch in my list of 'to be reviewed' because there was nothing else I wanted to listen to at 11am on Good Friday morning other than Wasted Potential.
Talking about their fucking killer new album doesn't feel like work to me right now, and the last thing I want to do is work on my day off work, which unfortunately I have to but at least let me get a few caesars in me first, naw'meeen?!
It's no secret I've been a fan of Wasted Potential from the get-go, and by get-go I mean from the first time I heard them? and having a full EP of their songs in front of me, well I feel like I finally was able to afford an entire large pizza instead of the measly little personal pan I used to have to get.
Don't get me wrong, pizza is good in any size obviously, but the personal is not filling enough to make you really feel satisfied. When you have a good thing, you want it to last forever. And since albums and pizza can't last forever, 8 songs will have to do.
Still, this lg is destroyed far too quickly. Luckily all you have to do with music is hit play again, which makes me wish I had some sort of magical power that enabled me to hit rewind on my life so that I could re-eat delicious pizza over and over...
Now, I know nothing about recording whatsoever, but to me it sounds like this was recorded in the empty coca cola can that came along with the pizza.. and it boggles my mind brain, in a good way.
But wait, something just occurred to me... (this is after my first morning bowl mind you me) but mayyyybe it was recorded in the Technodrome?
I mean... all this pizza talk can't be a coincidence, right? And, if I'm being honest here, when I listen to this album it totally strikes me as the kind of album that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would make... and DC does kinda remind me of Michelangelo... Nick reminds me of Leo... Danny would be Donatello... and DA is Raphael? Maybe? And that leaves Richard, who is obviously Shredder, 'cause like just listen to the fucking album man, he's the one who fucking tears shit apart on stage and the turtles are combining forces to try to destroy him the whole time. What it comes down to is a hardcore battle of punk rock.
But then again, maybe they're just a totally normal human band from London, Ontario who just happen to be really fucking good at what they do and I'm just hungry and high?
Whatever, listen to it for yourself, and buy it for the price of a personal pan (rounded up): $5

AND don't miss their co-album release show with The Victim Party on May 2nd in Toronto and May 3rd in London.

I'm Sarah, and now I'm starving.