WTCHS are wicked and will melt YOU.

It's so darn nice out I should be outside enjoying not having to wear my winter fucking coat in the sun, but instead I'm hungover, hunched over in front of my computer, Spider-Man curtains drawn with WTCHS on repeat, just hating the fact that I exist. If I didn't have to go pick up my bike from the bike doctors soon I'd be sleeping so hard right now. But since that's a thing I have to do instead of sleep, I am attempting a review in order to keep my mind off of how badly I want to crawl into a hole and bear out for the winter. Forming words let alone complete, meaningful sentences is such a struggle to me right now though, I'm in such a stupid daze that it feels my brain is actually Rob Ford, drunk and on crack, stumbling around my skull drooling, swearing, sweating. Yuck. Just yuck.
This is what happens when your apartment turns into a crash pad for bands for a night kids.
I went through my list of shit to be reviewed and just hated everything I heard. It all irritated me so much that I felt like I was going to go all Rob Ford in that murder rant video, juuuust livid. And it's all actually really good stuff, but in my pathetic state it all sounded too real, too in my face and I was about ready to pay somebody to take my computer out back and shoot it, just like Rob Ford probably did to that dude in the famous picture of him......too far?
And then I came across the new WTCHS EP, It's Not A Cross, It's A Curse! and holy hell-elujah it turned out to be exactly what I needed to hear in this state of mind. It didn't try to pull me out of my dark haze, instead it joined me inside of it. It might have become it, I'm not sure. It's just so on par with my brain mood right now. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall for hours, and not in a bad way. The 'hurts so good' kind of drone'y way.
Listening to it makes me imagine being inside the spookiest of houses, like the ones on Fear Street - but like way scarier than a book for kids - where weird people that look like the chick from The Ring are standing in a circle lurching to the music, and shit is melting, my brain is melting, everything is melting... just like the wckd wtch of the wst.
I've lost track of how many times I've listened to these 5 songs, quite a lot by now, but each time one starts I have one of those 'whoa, this is really fucking good' moments. Over and over and over again.
I could gladly lose many an hour just zoning out to this EP, letting it use it's voodoo on me, which is kinda what it sounds like it's doing. Suddenly I feel the urge to join a cult... or the cast of The Craft.
Anyway, enough of my imaginonsense, what my fat fuck of a brain is trying to say here is that I think this EP is good. Like, real good. Like, Mother Teresa good.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.