Check out WHOOP-Szo's Niizhwaaswo .... in other words, say whaaaaaaaaa?

WHOOP-Szo kinda strikes me as the smarter, younger, Inuit sister to Primus. More mature and reserved than her spazzy older bro, she's got a deep infatuation with nature and all it's beauty, and tends to indulge in the more natural psychedelic drugs like shrooms over the crack her siblings clearly smoke.

Gameday Regulars + Guerrilla Monsoon SPLIT! Out Aug. 4th

Today is one of those days that I feel - what's the un-holy alternative for 'blessed'? privileged? - privileged to get to do what I do through this site, even if I've never seen a penny profit from any of it. Payoff for me comes in the form of meeting/e-meeting really cool bands/artists who send me really amazing music ahead of the release date. And sometimes they even spill the beans on big news that the public isn't privy to yet.

THE FUCKERS are a punk band and that's all you need to know.

Check out The Fuckers, party punks from Chicago blasting badass beer-laden punk-o-rama era punk jams that remind me of Leftover Crack/Choking Victim if they traded in their politics and ska-vibe for jokes and liquor.

put Champion Lover in your ear butt and make whoopee with it!

I can't help but relate Champion Lover's recent self-titled release to sex.
So sorry. 
Not sorry.

The Hunters - Fart Electric

Just kidding. The Hunter's new album is actually called Art Electric, and despite the lack of gas in the title it still manages to rev my ear-gines (that could sound sexual but for once it was not my intent.. unless deep down I think flatulence is sexy which would actually explain a lot of past boyfriends).